The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

All people whether young or old should never forget the sweet name of mother. In happiness or trouble, whether we are laughing or in tears we should revere the name mother and keep that name fresh in our minds the recollection of mother carry us back to the days of our youth when mother cared for us and loved us. It is something sad for a little child to be without the care of a loving and careful mother let us all adore their name.

"One day in the month of October 1906 while I was conversing with Mr. W. F. Stone, of near Pro-tem, Mo. he informed me that his dear mother died when he was less than 6 years old "But" said he, "I can remember her kind words and loving treatment. I recollect her one day when she was helping my father plant corn she made me a little bark whip and brought it to me to play with. At another time I recollect seeing her at communion service and foot washing. She was crying while another lady was washing her feet. But my greatest recollection of her was while she was on her death bed she knew she was going to die. She called me to her bed side and took me by the hand and told me to be a good boy and if I lived to be a man to live honorable and upright. Those words of good advise and encouragement has always been fresh in my memory and as I stood beside her in her dying moments I realized that the dearest friend I had on earth was taking her departure from me. It was a serious loss to me but God’s will be done.

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