The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

Mr. Wm. Holt a former resident of Ozark County, Mo. and who at the time of his death was living on his farm on White River which was just above the mouth of Shoal Greek. Mr. Holt said that when he came to Little North Fork in 1838 he bought some corn from Jimmie Forest who lived near where he had made his stopping place. One day he went to Mr. Forests to shell a bushel and a half to take to mill and while he was in the crib shelling the corn, Bob Forest son of Jimmie Forest and who was a little lad of a boy came into the crib and climb up the wall and got on a joist or beam that had been placed there with others to form a loft in order to put fodder above and corn below. The boy after he had got on the joist crawled out on it until he was directly over Mr. Holt where he was at work and called his attention and when the man looked up to see what the boy was up to Bob spit out a mouthful of tough saliva into his face and eyes. Mr. Holt flew into a rage at once and quickly rubbing the nasty spittle out of his eyes with his shirt sleeves so he could see he leaped to his feet and snatching up a big ear of corn he let drive with it at Bob and knocked him off the joist, and he fell on Holts head and tumbling off he went sprawling down on the vessel the man was shelling corn in and knocked it over and spilled the corn among the shucks. Before the astonished man could get Holt of the youngster he scrambled out of the crib on his hands and feet as rapid as he was able to work his limbs and made his escape and left Holt to shoulder his temper and pick up the corn as best he could.

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