The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

The cruel war as it went on give a number of men a chance to show their true disposition. I never contended that our Civil War made rascals but those who were inclined that way took the advantage under the cover of the war and willingly accepted the opportunity to pursue what they desired to follow. I was informed from a reliable source that on one occasion during war times while John Stone’s wife who lived on Pond Fork of Little North Fork was riding along the road one day with her infant child on her lap which was wrapped up with a warm shawl she met a robber on horseback who stopped and without the least warning the wicked man made a desperate grab for the shawl. The mother was taken by surprise not expecting such ill treatment and did not have time to clasp the innocent babe in her arms for, protection when the scoundrel jerked the shawl from around the baby and the child was snatched off of her lap. The infant had on a long dress and the mother in her frantic efforts to save the child from falling on the rough stones caught the tail of the infant’s dress and kept it from touching the ground. But the baby’s head struck against the horses knees as it swung down head foremost before the frightened and astonished lady could pull it back on her lap. The heathen man took the shawl and rode on.

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