The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

I am told that old Billy Howard settled several places on White River, Little North Fork and Big Creek. When the war broke out he was living on the last named stream on what is known now as the lower Aaron Quick place in Ozark County, Mo. Mr. Howard, though an old man, talked too much at the beginning of the war and was killed before peace was made.

Mr. George Mahan Informed me that he was killed near where Ava in Douglas County now stands. Mr. Mahan said that his brother, Sam Mahan, who was a stripling boy, was guiding Mr. Howard one day to show him how to pass through that part of Douglas County and during the day they passed a graveyard 3 miles from Ava where some men were burying the dead body of a man. "My brother said that he and Howard did not stop at the graveyard, but after he had left Howard to return back home some of the men who were at the burial followed the old man who was cripling along with a walking stick in his hand and after overtaking him they conducted him into a creek bottom off from the road and shot him down like killing a dog that was guilty of slaying sheep. Poor old man, he was only another victim of the bloody war.

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