The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

Music Creek, which flows into White River, Is a rough stream as we have already described. As we glance our eyes at the glady hillsides and deep gulchlike hollows, we are reminded of the old time hunters who killed big game in this part of Marion County, Ark. The scenery here present a wild appearance yet as we look at the tall hills and down into the rough and rugged hollows we cannot help but admire the art of nature. In relating stories of hunting on this stream, Mr. Peter Baughman said that one day in the month of January, 1854, he and Luke Marlor, John Tabor, John Young, and one of Jimmie Magnesses sons, all living on Crooked Creek, went to Music Creek on a camp hunt. They had three dogs with them. On reaching a cave they found that it was occupied by bear and the entire party went into the cave with guns, torches and dogs and discovered a bear and shot it and while taking it out of the cave the dogs discovered another bear which we soon killed. Very soon and before we had got out of the cave the dogs found another bear and we killed it also. We now got outside and after renewing our torches and putting our guns in better shape for shooting and tieing the dogs up to keep them on the outside, we entered the cave again and searched for more bear and found two others and we killed them both. We had slain five bear in the same cave. Though while none of them were large fellows they were all fat and made a nice pile of bear meat which we all relished so well, said the old time hunter.

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