The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

Among the pioneer stories of Boone County, Ark., is an account told by Mr. Isaac Milum, an early settler on Crooked Creek who lived 3 miles below Harrison. He said that Luke Marlor was an early settler in the valley of Crooked Creek and was a bold and fearless hunter and was as successful in killing big game as he was in killing small animals. He lived to be a very old man before the death angel come and took him away from the familiar scenes of his hunting grounds. Mr. Milum contributes the following sketch relating to the killing of a bear by Mr. Marlor one day in a dav during winter time while snow lay on the ground. Marlor was accompanied by one of his sons and had followed the trail of the bear In the snow to Sugar Orchard Creek where it had went into a cave. The old hunter made preparations to enter the cavern. They had only one dog with them. Marlor instructed his son to remain at the entrance and keep the dog there, while he proceeded into the cave, with his rifle and a torch of pine fuel. He slowly made his way into the dark recess with a glare of light from the torch which reached only a few feet around him. He scanned every nook and corner. He soon found Bruin, and the beast was apparently asleep. Marlor placed the torch in a convenient spot, then advanced a little closer to the sleeping beast and touched Bruin’s hair with his hand. Finding that his bearship did not move he prepared to shoot him, but its position was such that he could not send a ball to a vital part. He therefore poked the beast with the muzzle o f his gun until it arose to its feet. The light seemed to blind it, and it was bewildered. Finally its position was such that Marlor sent a leaden messenger crashing through its skull, killing it instantly."

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