The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

Mr. Jerry Jenkins who lives on his farm on the ridge just east of Gooleys Spring Creek in Ozark County, Mo., relates this story which is of interest to the hunters.

"I was born on Little Beaver Creek near Little Beaver post office in Douglas County, Mo., January 16, 1863. My parents were Joseph Blackburn Jenkins and Martha Jane (Coats) Jenkins. My father is dead and is buried in the Cowhorn graveyard two miles N.E. of Little Beaver post office. "Oneday," said Mr. Jenkins, "while my father was riding up Little Beaver Creek from Bradleyville he heard a lot of hounds on the chase which proved to be Bill Martin’s hounds chasing a deer and when he reached the McDade farm on the Creek he left the road and rode up the point of the bluff some 40 feet above the channel of the creek where he stopped and dismounted. In a short time the deer and dogs reached the creek opposite the bluff and the tired and panting deer plunged into the water. But there was no rest for the wearied animal for the dogs pushed it across the stream and the deer after crossing the creek went up the bluff where father was standing holding his horse. He had no gun with him but as the fleeing deer come up the face of the bluff hotly pursued by the hounds he picked up a rock and when it reached the top of the bluff and in a few yards of him he hurled the stone at it and struck the animal in the forehead and killed it and thus the chase was ended. In a few minutes more three of the McDade boys, Neal, Bill and Andy, come up and they helped my father remove the hide of the deer and he divided the venison with the boys."

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