The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

One of the strange incidents of hunting that I have gathered from the old timers is the following.

John Davis, son of Ira J. Davis, said that Isaac Adams, an old settler and hunter of Newton County, Ark., had several sons. Among them were John, William, Dan, and Matthew. Adams lived on Little Buffalo some 10 miles above the town of Jasper. "One day," said Mr. Davis, "while the old man Adams and his son John were in the mountains hunting and while they were separated a short distance the old man saw a deer and he shot and the animal fell dead. When he advanced up to it John met him where the dead deer lay and says, "Papa, I hit it behind the shoulder where I aimed my gun." Which surprised the old man and he says, "John,, did you shoot at it too?" "Yes," says John, "it is as I told you. My bullet struck where I aimed." "Well, I shot at it too," said the old man. And on turning the deer over and sure enough another bullet had struck it on the other side just behind the shoulder. It turned out that father and son had saw the same deer at the same time. Each one of them had took aim behind the shoulder and both had shot at the same moment and each gun had drowned the noise of the other. The two men had stood opposite each other without seeing each other, but both saw the same deer and shot, and the deer fell pierced by a bullet behind each shoulder."

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