The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

Among the old time people of Pulaski County, Mo., is Mr. William Robinson, whose father and mother, Pleasant and Rhoda Robinson, lived 12 miles south of Waynesville in Pulaski County. Pleasant Robinson was a famed hunter. Ammunition was scarce at times in those early days and it usually depended on a hunter’s skill to pay for powder and lead in deer hides. Mr. William Robinson said that his mother, Mrs. Rhoda Robinson, informed him that one day in 1840 his father, Pleasant Robinson’s, supply of ammunition was nearly exhausted. Only one bullet was left and he had no more lead on hand and only had 6 loads of powder and it was necessary to go and buy more. The bullet he had left was in the gun and he started on foot to Kiddy’s store 12 miles distant to buy more powder and lead. He had not left home but a short distance when he saw a deer and shot it down and while he was taking off the deer’s hide he found the bullet imbedded in the flesh and he cut it out, cleaned off the blood and chewed the bullet round again and reloaded his rifle with it and taking the deer’s hide along with him went on and seeing another deer he shot and killed it also. As good luck would have it the ball did not pass through the deer’s body and he found it while removing the deer’s hide and he rechewed it and loaded his gun with it again and killed another deer with it before arriving at the store. This time he could not find the bullet but on arriving at the store with the three deer hides he exchanged them for plenty of powder and lead without having to spend any money for them. My mother told me that my father said that this was strictly correct," said Mr. Robinson.

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