The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

Mrs. Susan Quinn, daughter of Joe Hawkins and wife of Samuel Quinn, was born and raised on the head of White River in Madison County, Ark., 6 miles above St. Paul, tells of going to a near neighbors house one afternoon when she was a small girl to remain overnight with a woman whose husband was absent from home. The place had been recently settled and the cabin was new, having been built only a few weeks before. Shortly after night set in some animals met near the door yard and engaged in a terrible fight. It was too dark to see them but the racket they made was loud. We were so bad scared that we barred up the door and waited with abated breath for fear they might undertake to come into the house. After a while the great racket ceased and we heard nothing more of them. We did not know what kind of animals they were until the following morning when Steve Ricketts come by and the man’s wife told him of the combat between the wild beasts and after an examination of the ground where they had fought he said that they were bucks. The animals had fought and quit and went away without getting their antlers interlocked. Mrs. Quinn also relates about standing in the door of her father’s cabin one day and counting 40 deer pass up the bluff a short distance from the house. A path lead up the race of the bluff and the deer followed it in single file which made their number easily ascertained.

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