The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

"How many deer did I ever kill in one day did you ask me," said Mort Herrean to a question the writer asked him. "Well, only six, but the circumstance under which it was done is worth telling. The incident of it if it be called one occurred in the fall of 1865. I had started out from home for a day’s hunt, but on leaving my house a short distance I saw a bunch of deer and I shot three of them down as fast as I could load and shoot. After the third deer fell the remainder of the bunch disappeared. I went to work and took the hides off of the dead deer and took the hides and venison to the house and told my wife I was going to try my luck again at shooting deer if I could find any more to shoot at before sundown. I put more bullets in my shot pouch and filled my powder horn with more powder and went out into the woods again and soon met another small bunch of deer and killed one and after reloading my gun I shot and killed another one and wounded one with the same shot. The remaining ones took fright and left and so did the crippled one but I followed it and shot it the second time and killed it, and there was more work taking off deer hides and carrying them and the meat home. I was living then on the right hand prong of Big Creek in Taney County, Mo." Continuing, Mr. Herrean said, "One morning afterward while I was living on the Peter Keesee land on Big Creek, I stood behind a tree and shot and reloaded my rifle until I had killed three deer. The deer fell in 20 paces of each other. A few minutes after I shot them down I killed another deer but not from the same tree."

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