The Turnbo Manuscripts

by Silas Claiborne Turnbo

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By S. C. Turnbo

In my collection of hunting stories relating to hunters killing two deer at one shot is this which was given me by Taylor Frazier, a pioneer settler and hunter of Marion County, Ark., who said that one day during the winter season while a mantle of snow covered the ground I took my old muzzle loader down from the rack and went out to kill a deer and while I was in the woods between Pangle Hollow and George’s Creek both of which run into Crooked Creek from the north I saw where a small herd of deer had went along through the snow and I followed them and had almost got in sight of them when I saw them come running back toward me. It seemed that they had got scared at something. They all stopped on a bench of ground on the hillside below me and I shot at a big buck and he run, but I seen a doe deer fall which was standing 20 yards below the buck and on a line with the ball from my gun. When the buck had run near 100 yards he tumbled down also. The bullet from my rifle had hit the buck just under the backbone and passed through that part of its body and sped on and took effect in the doe’s head. The other deer run off. This was the best shot I ever made at a bunch of deer," said the old time hunter.

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