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Published April 19, 2013  Submitted by:  Kristi

Is your resume getting the results you want?  Do you need a fresh, new resume, but don't know where to start?  Are you curious what a prospective employer will think about your resume?  The Library has the information and tools to get you on the road to a better resume.

Before you start you should know:

Creating a resume doesn't have to be complicated.  Articles like "Writing a Resume that Shouts 'Hire Me'" and "Ten Ways to Botch Your Resume" can give you a better idea of what employers are looking for.  When you're ready to start drafting, check out these tools provided by the Library:

Job and Career Accelerator* has a Resume Builder that helps you create a resume that's "sharp, focused and just right for the job you're seeking."  This database takes you step-by-step through each section of your resume.  You enter information about your education, experience, skills, and more.  You can browse model resumes for ideas and get tips on how to improve your resume as you build it.  You may also build and save multiple customized resumes for the different jobs that you are seeking.

Microsoft Word is available on all public access computers in the library.  You can find templates which give you the basic form of a resume and let you fill in the blanks with your personal information.  Access these templates by clicking New, then Templates, and then Resumes and CVs.  Browse through basic styles, job-specific and situation-specific resumes and choose the one that's right for you.

Finally, check out these great books for more resume tips and tricks:

The Everything Resume Book: From Using Social Media to Choosing the Right Keywords, All You Need to Have a Resume that Stands Out from the Crowd! by Lin Grensing-Pophal

Power Verbs for Job Seekers: Hundreds of Verbs and Phrases to Bring Your Resumes, Cover Letters, and Job Interviews to Life by Michael Faulkner

The Quick Resume and Cover Letter Book: Write and Use an Effective Resume in Only One Day by Michael Farr

Resumes for Dummies by Joyce Lain Kennedy

Expert Resumes for People Returning to Work by Wendy S. Enelow and Louise M. Kursmark



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