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E-books: Frequently Asked Questions

Published July 23, 2013  Submitted by:  Tysha

Common Questions & Issues


Why doesn’t the library have the e-book I want?

The answer, in many cases, is simply the publisher won’t let us access those titles. Some major publishing houses have never allowed or have stopped allowing libraries to license their e-books. Unfortunately this means that if you’re looking to checkout atitle they publish you are currently out of luck.

As we continue to increase the size of our e-book collection, we hope you understand some of the limitations that are placed on us. It is our mission to provide a wide variety of reading materials to a diverse group of readers, and we are always willing to take suggestions.


I have finished a book and would like to return it early.


I would like to renew an e-book.

There is no procedure for renewing an e-book. If an e-book expires before you are done reading it and there are no holds on it, you can simply check it out and download it again.


I transferred a book using Adobe Digital Editions to my NOOK, but cannot find it. 

NOOK Color or Tablet


My e-reader does not appear in Adobe Digital Editions.


The e-book I downloaded does not open in Adobe Digital Editions


I receive a message saying a book has been delivered to my Kindle, but it does not appear there.

Kindle books are delivered through a wifi connection only. They will not be sent through 3G. The following instructions will help you connect your device to wifi.

E-Ink Kindle

Kindle Fire


I am not asked where I want to save a Kindle file when transferring it via USB.

You will need to set your browser to ask before downloading files. Use the proper instructions for your browser.

Mozila Firefox

Google Chrome


The mobile site looks different, what can I do?

When navigating to OverDrive from a mobile device, sometimes the site shows up with large cover images on the screen making you scroll down and down to get the information you want or what you need to proceed. Make sure the device's screen is unlocked and turn it horizontal. Horizontally the site will appear as you would normally view it and its easy to navigate.


The website changed and now I can’t check out e-books for my Kindle.

With the migration to our new Next Generation website, your Amazon 1-click settings may have changed. Please make sure your 1-click settings are updated on your Amazon account. This 1-click setting has to be in place to download library e-books to Kindles.


I get an error message saying the file type is not supported when trying to download a book to an iPad/iPhone/iPod touch or Android device.

OverDrive Media Console App can't read PDF files. Check to see what format the book is in. It is also possible that you are trying to download a WMA audiobook, not an e-book.


I have checked out an e-book, but nothing happens when I click the download button.

You may be trying to download the e-book directly to a device that does not allow this (Nook, Literati, etc.). Make sure that you have downloaded Adobe Digital Editions and follow the proper download/transfer procedure.



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