By S. C. Turnbo

One day in the month of June, 1897, I met Mr. W. A. Collis) a missionary Baptist preacher who at that time lived in Baxter County, Ark., and in speaking of his observations in the wild forests of Baxter County in the early periods of its settlement, Mr. Collis said, "The prettiest sight I ever witnessed there was 63 deer on Hightower Creek. I had went out one day with my gun to hunt and while I was passing along on the crest of a bluff some 300 feet above the channel of the creek I seen the deer cross the stream and all stop in a prairie bottom. My rifle was an excellent one but the deer was beyond gun shot range. But the truth is they were really too nice looking to shoot at, and all I did toward them was to stand on the bluff and count them," said Mr. Collis.

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