George S. Escott

History and Directory of Springfield
and North Springfield


The plan of numbering is that adopted by the City Council in the ordinance recently enacted. To find a number on the Public Square, commence with No. 100, at the northeast corner, and count around, via the north, west, south and east, to the place of beginning.

To find a number on any of the four principal streets leading out from the Square, commence with No. 200, and every time you cross a street begin a new hundred, remembering that all even numbers are on the east and south, and all odd numbers on the north and west. All other streets number from these four principal streets according to the same rule, and all parallel streets are made to correspond as nearly as possible with those upon which the numbers are given on the map. The space allowed for a number is from 20 to 25 feet in the business portion, and from 40 to 100 feet in the dwelling-house portion of the city.

Residences and business houses in North Springfield are not numbered, but will be distinguished by the letters N. S. placed after the name.

Ave. stands for avenue; al. for alley; bet. for between; bds. for boards; clk for clerk; col'd for colored; cor. for corner; nr. for near; prop'r for proprietor; op. for opposite; res. for residence; st. for street; and n. s. e. and w. for the points of the compass.


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