George S. Escott

History and Directory of Springfield
and North Springfield


"When in the course of human events" a City grows to such an extent that every one does not know where every one else lives it becomes necessary for some person or persons to take upon themselves the responsibility of providing a complete and reliable Directory of such city; and certainly no better time can be selected for such a work than when its "City Fathers" have passed an ordinance which provides for the numbering of its residences and business houses. With these self evident facts in view, we entered upon the discharge of this arduous duty with the determination to prepare an accurate list of the names of all citizens of Springfield and North Springfield and arrange them in alphabetical order, so that they may be easily found. In Springfield the residence or place of business is given according to number and street while in North Springfield the location is pointed out by mentioning the street together with such other data as may be considered necessary.

In connection with the Directory, we take pleasure in presenting to our patrons a concise history of the principal events connected with the early settlement of those beautiful "Cities of the Ozarks," together with such a sketch of their growth, reverses and prosperity as we have been enabled to prepare from the numerous items furnished by friends of the enterprise, among whom we may especially mention Messrs. John M Pettijohn, A G. Patterson, Joseph J. Weaver, Henry Sheppard, Jacob Painter, A M. Townsend, Dr. E. T. Robberson, Judge Charles E. Harwood, Col. S. H. Boyd, Capt. A. M. Julian, Judge John S. Waddill, Judge M. J. Rountree, Rev. B. H. Bills, Mrs. Rush Owen and Mrs. Orlena Coleman, besides Mr. A. F. Ingram and the other gentlemanly officers of the county and cities, who have kindly given us access to the books and papers of their respective offices, including the "Illustrated Historical Atlas of Greene County," recently published, from which to obtain information. Nor must we neglect to give due credit to the editors of the Leader, Times, Patriot-Advertiser, Southwest Farmer, Southwester and Spiritual Offering, for file of their respective papers and those formerly published here, from which we have gathered much useful data

We wish also to call particular attention to our advertisers, who by their liberal patronage, have helped to provide the means of furnishing this book to subscribers at a merely nominal price.

Absolute perfection in this or any other human work cannot be expected; but after using every exertion to make it a reliable guide and an interesting narration of facts, we submit it to the criticism of the public.

The Publisher.
Springfield, Mo. 1878.

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