History of Greene County, Missouri

R. I. Holcombe, Editing Historian


In presenting to the citizens of Greene County this History, it is with the full knowledge that there must necessarily be some errors found within its pages; otherwise, it would be different from any work yet compiled by human hands, absolute perfection never having been reached either in the historical or any other field of earthly labor.

In attempting to compile a complete History of Greene County, a great variety of sources of information had to be consulted by the writers hereof: old files of newspapers, early official records, previously written historical works and reviews, old settlers still living, letters of correspondence and private documents have all been consulted in embodying what is set forth in this volume. Considering all these things, absolute freedom from error would be a miracle of wonders. Much care, however, has been taken to avoid ex parte statements, and the writers and publishers claim that this History, while not exact in everything, treats all with fairness and candor. To gather the incidents of the long ago has been a work of infinite care and attention to detail. Intelligent readers may judge, therefore, how this labor has been performed, and do us the justice to accredit us with an honest endeavor to make this History worthy, in all respects, the careful perusal of the reader.

To name all persons to whom the publishers are indebted for the facts herein, would be an undertaking of too great a magnitude; for there is scarcely a citizen of any prominence in the county who has not, in some way contributed to the compilation of this work. The editing historian, Mr. R. I. Holcombe, has labored long and faithfully in gathering, compiling, and adapting the matter of this work; necessitating on his part an extensive correspondence with parties in the distance, besides his exhaustive consultation of all sources of information within the county. Officers and privates who served on both sides during the Civil War, have cheerfully contributed their fund of information bearing on the war history. The editors and attaches of all the papers, the county officials, besides hosts of business men and private citizens, have done all in their power to advance the interests of this enterprise and contribute to the fulness and exactness of this History. As above stated, to name all these would be impossible, for their name is legion. To the entire citizenship of the county the publishers and authors return thanks for the universal courtesy (with a very few exceptions) with which they and their assistants have been treated.

With these few preliminary remarks we submit this work to the tender criticism of a charitable public. And when, in days to come, its pages shall be conned by children yet unborn, it is hoped that they may be able to say that its perusal, besides entertaining and instructing them, has the better prepared them for the exercise of all the functions of intelligent citizenship in a free and enlightened land.

Very truly,

E. P. Perkins.
T. M. Horne.

PERKINS & HORNE, Publishers.

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