Pictorial and Genealogical Record
of Greene County, Missouri

Together with Bibliographies of Prominent Men of Other Portions of the State, Both Living and Dead

COL. C. C. AKIN. It is impossible to place too high an estimate on the importance of the real estate business in regard to the various other elements of commercial and financial activity. None other rests upon a more vital or honorable basis as regards the growth and welfare of a city. The Springfield real estate market has come to be recognized as the leading financial interest of this progressive city of the Southwest, and among the leading and well-known agents engaged in this is Col. C. C. Akin, who is well and favorably known for his upright and honorable methods of transacting business. He is an energetic land agent, is locating many families in this section of the State on prairie and timber farms, and is a rustler with a big "R." He has done much to advance the corporate growth and business interests of Springfield by inviting hither men of capital from various parts of the country and offering inducements to residents to own houses and lots, as well as to purchase lands for manufacturing, mercantile and other purposes. This most enterprising gentleman was born in Bullitt County, Kentucky, August 16, 1849, and was reared to manhood in Green County of the Blue Grass State. After attending the best schools in the locality, including Gilead institute, he taught school two years in Kentucky, one in Illinois, and three in North Missouri, closing his career as a teacher as principal of the graded school of Amazonia, Missouri. Studying law in Missouri, be was admitted to the bar by the Hon. H. S. Kelley, judge of the twenty-ninth Missouri circuit, on October 29, 1879. Since that time he has practiced his profession and also engaged in the real estate business. For two years be resided in Brule County, South Dakota, and is fully prepared to sympathize with his unfortunate brethren in that country of drouths and blizzards. Mr. Akin's father, Rev. Moses Akin, was one of the best known ministers in Kentucky, celebrated as a pulpit orator and revivalist. Mrs. Akin's father, William Sallee, is one of the wealthiest farmers in Buchanan County (near St. Joseph), Mo. During the past five years Mr. Akin has conducted one of the most active land offices in southwest Missouri, at the handsome city of Stockton, in Cedar County, and none among the dealers of realty enjoy a larger measure of public confidence than he. He has met with a success simply commensurate with the abilities he has displayed and is eminently qualified by long experience and practical ability to render service of the most valuable character.


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