Pictorial and Genealogical Record
of Greene County, Missouri

Together with Bibliographies of Prominent Men of Other Portions of the State, Both Living and Dead

A. L. ARNOLD. Among the worthy residents of Greene County, Mo., it is but just to say that A. L. Arnold occupies a conspicuous and honorable place, for he has always been industrious and enterprising, and as a result has met with more than ordinary success. He at present occupies the responsible position of constable of Campbell Township and discharges the duties incumbent upon that position in a very satisfactory manner. He came originally from Scott County, Mo., his birth occurring June 21, 1868, and is a son of G. W. Arnold, who has been a resident of Springfield since 1883, and who is now in the United States land office at Springfield. While a resident of Scott County, Mo., G. W. Arnold hold the office of sheriff and collector four years, also was ex-officio county recorder and circuit clerk twelve years, and was considered a most capable and faithful man. Since his residence in Greene County his true worth has been recognized and he has bold the office of deputy circuit clerk and deputy county recorder. He studied law while a resident of Scott County and is a deep reasoner and able speaker. He is progressive in his ideas and tendencies and favors all reforms and enterprises that tend to build up the city of Springfield, or that will benefit his, fellow man. In his political views he affiliates with the Republican Party and is secretary of the County Republican Committee. He occupies a high position in the estimation of the people and is known as a man of strict integrity of character. The original of this notice A. L. Arnold, passed the early part of his days in Scott County, this State, received a good common school education and began fitting himself for an active business career. When a boy he came to Springfield and engaged in any honorable employment he could find. He was with the Adams Express Company, was also clerk in the circuit clerk's office and the office of the county recorder. Later he worked for the Gulf R. R. held various positions, and finally was appointed chief of the store department on that railroad. For about eight years he remained with the Gulf R. R., and then became a candidate for constable of Campbell Township in 1892, being elected by a good majority. He is a young man of steady habits and has a host of warm friends in the county. His vote has ever been cast with the Republican Party, and although young in years he is quite influential in all public matters. Mr. Arnold has his office in Room 6, Raney Building, and fills the position he holds with credit. He is quite a collector of curiosities and has many in his office, where they may be seen at any time, for he takes pleasure in showing them. . The Arnold family is an old Missouri family, respected and esteemed for many years.


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