Pictorial and Genealogical Record
of Greene County, Missouri

Together with Bibliographies of Prominent Men of Other Portions of the State, Both Living and Dead

FARMERS' BANK OF ASH GROVE, MO. The well-known and substantial bank above mentioned was established In 1891 by W. C. Wilkerson, who is now its president; C. McCray, vice-president and D. McCray, cashier. They have a paid in capital stock of $20,000 and do a general banking business, loaning money on personal security, etc. The amount of deposits are about $30,000 and ever since it was established it has been on a paying basis. It is a notable example of success in the banking business and during its short existence it has grown to remarkable proportions and has become noted for its stability and for the liberality which has always characterized its methods of doing business. The president, Mr. W. C. Wilkerson, is a resident of Lawrenceburg, Mo., is a practicing physician by profession and is also extensively engaged in farming. He is a man of means, is a good business man and is highly respected in the community in which he resides. The vice-president, C. McCray, is a resident of Ash Grove, a man of family and a business man of more than ordinary ability. D. McCray, the cashier of the bank, also resides at this place, and like his brother is a shrewd financier, an honest and upright gentleman, and a man of family. The father of these wide-awake business men was a resident of Lawrence County for many years and there he reared his sons. They first came to Missouri from Tennessee in 1852, the founders of the family in this country having come from the Isle of Erin. The paternal grandfather was Thomas McCray, who served in the Indian War under Gen. Jackson. C. McCray, became a resident of Ash Grove, Greene County, Mo., in 1883, and D. McCray came in 1891, the brothers having been, previous to that time, merchants. Both these gentlemen live in the east part of the city and the building in which they do business is advantageously located in a large two-story building, built by the members of the firm in 1891 at an expense of between $3,000 and $4,000. The bank is handsomely fitted up, and is one of the most solid institutions of the kind in the country.


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