Pictorial and Genealogical Record
of Greene County, Missouri

Together with Bibliographies of Prominent Men of Other Portions of the State, Both Living and Dead

G. W. FERGUSON. In few branches of art or science have such developments or perfected improvements been made as in photography, and no establishment in the world shows more conclusive proof of this assertion than that of Mr. G. W. Ferguson, whose studios are located on Boonville Street, Springfield, Mo. He has always been a close student of art, and his splendid work is pronounced by those best capable of judging, to be fully equal to that of the best artists in the country. He has become celebrated throughout southwest Missouri for securing to sitters before the camera a graceful, natural pose and life-like and pleasing expression, and in all his work is to be seen the master hand of the thorough expert artist. Mr. Ferguson is a native of the Hoosier State, born at Indianapolis April 4, 1856, and the son of Isaac and Mary E. Ferguson who are now living on a farm about three miles east of the city of Springfield, and who are highly respected and well-to-do people. The original of this notice was educated at Louisville, Ky., whither he had moved with his parents when a boy, and was thoroughly trained in the schools of that city. Later he entered the Specerian Business College and graduated from that institution in 1876. After leaving school he engaged in the grocery business, continued this for three years, and then began the study of photography in one of the best photograph galleries in Louisville, Ky. In 1882 he opened up business in this city and has since met with the best of success. No one is more qualified to execute work in this; direction than Mr. Ferguson and no one has the happy faculty of meeting the requirements of all more than he. In politics our subject is a stanch Democrat and an active and influential man in all public affairs. Soon after coming to this city he became a member of the city fire department and his services were so appreciated that he was elected to every position in the company. In l892 he was elected chief of Department No. 1, and that position he still holds. He takes quite an interest in the department and has shown great nerve and skill in cases of emergency. The fire company of Springfield is in two departments, No. 1. on College street in Old Town, and No. 2, on Commercial Street, in North Spring6old. The fire department at large is controlled by districts and Mr. Ferguson is chief of District No. 1. The force is composed of alert young men of the city and the apparatus is of the latest improved kind and the power a direct pressure. Mr. Ferguson is recognized as an expert fireman and has admirable control of his men. Every portion of the city is provided with electric alarm boxes of the best pattern. Our subject is a member of the Royal Arcanum No.418, the K.of P. Lodge No. 213, and the Uniform Rank No. 21. He and family attend the Christian Church. His pleasant home in Springfield was presided over by his excellent wife, who was formerly Miss Mary Bedgood, their nuptials having been celebrated in Rising Sun, Ind. They had one, son, Clarence. Mrs. Ferguson died in Springfield, Mo., and Mr. Ferguson's second union was with Miss Leetsch, of Helena, Ark. To this union was born one son, Gussie.


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