Pictorial and Genealogical Record
of Greene County, Missouri

Together with Bibliographies of Prominent Men of Other Portions of the State, Both Living and Dead

WILLIAM E. FOLEY. With the increase in population, refinement and wealth in the cities of the United States, has arisen a growing demand for the blending of the artistic and the beautiful with the utilitarian in architecture. The results have been extremely gratifying to the advocates of progress in this most vitally important profession. Among those who have acquired a wide reputation for their skill and artistic conception, ranks William E. Foley, who has been a resident of Springfield since 1882. He took up the study of his profession and first followed it at Newton, Mass., near Boston, and there soon found his services in considerable demand. He is a native of the Isle of Erin, where he was born in 1849, a son of Edward Foley, who. in 1851 came to this country and settled near the city of Boston where he followed the occupation of carpentering. He removed to Springfield, Mo., in 1882, and here he was; called from life four years later, his widow surviving him until 1890. William E. Foley received his early education in. and around Boston and his professional education was obtained in a private school, and since 1883 he has been actively engaged in the practice of a profession for which he seems naturally adapted, and for which he has a decided taste. He was for four years one of the professional men of Pierce City, Mo., but since that time his skill has been in requisition from Iowa to the Gulf of Mexico, and from the eastern part of the State through the Indian Territory. Among the many remarkably creditable specimens of his skill, may be mentioned the capitol building for the Choctaw Nation, the Centenary College at Lampasas, Texas, the Hotel Main at Ft. Smith, Ark., the Greene County Almshouse, the Rogers' School Building in North Springfield, the High School at Buffalo, Mo., the Warehouse of the Headlee Grain Co., the Headlee & Weaver Building on Boonville Street, the Barrett Academy, St. Joseph Academy, the Board of Trade Building, the Baptist College at Pierce City, Mo., many banks and school buildings throughout the Southwest, and the Catholic, Christian and First United Presbyterian Churches at Springfield. The residence of Dr. Robberson, on Walnut Street, is also the result of his skill, also that of Eli Paxton, on Walnut Street, J. W. Lisenby, L. W. Hubbell and D. R. Camp. Since 1882 he has made his name known over a wide territory, and during this time he has witnessed a great improvement in the style of architecture, and to his efforts; this has been in a great measure due. Socially, he is a member of the K. of H. Lodge, No. 2285, in which he has filled all the offices. He has always been a supporter of the principles of Democracy, in the success of which he has always been deeply interested, although he has been by no means an office seeker. Very public-spirited in his views, he is liberal in his support of worthy causes and has the interest of his section deeply at heart. His residence is at 173 E. Elm Street, where he and his wife, whom he married in the East and whose maiden name was Mary Sweeney, dispense a cordial hospitality to the many friends they have gathered about them. They have six children: William T., Mary, Nellie, Charles, Grace and Thomas. Mr. Foley and his family attend the Christian Church and are classed among the substantial citizens of Springfield. He has his office in the Baker building, and is ready to furnish plans of all kinds of buildings to those who may desire them. His father was a soldier in the Civil War, being a member of the Seventeenth Massachusetts Infantry, was one of those who lent valuable aid in preserving the Union, and all his after career was also one of honor and the respect of those who know him was accorded him without measure.


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