Pictorial and Genealogical Record
of Greene County, Missouri • 1893

Together with Bibliographies of Prominent Men of Other Portions of the State, Both Living and Dead

DR. D. B. HAEBERLE. The medical profession of Springfield, Mo. is represented by a number of skillful practitioners, who have an extended knowledge of therapeutics, skill in their use and enviable reputations as physicians of ability. Prominent among them is Dr. D. B. Haeberle, who is the manufacturer and proprietor of Haeberle's; Compound Balsam, the great blood remedy. His office is at 319 West Walnut Street, Springfield, and he enjoys an extensive and liberal patronage. No ordinary use of language will overstate the merits of the Compound Balsam. From every part of the Southwest the doctor has received letters commending it in the most eulogistic terms, which would seem to be extravagant and exaggerated to those who have not witnessed its remarkable effects. Suffice it to say, that no physician who has employed this remedy in his practice will, under any consideration, be without it in his pocket case for emergency. The relief which it affords is truly marvelous. It only needs a trial to convince the most skeptical of its most wonderful healing powers. Dr. Haeberle is a native of Erie County, Canada, born September 3, 1847, and a. son of Peter Haeberle, who was born in Bavaria, November 19, 1819. About 1840 the older Haeberle emigrated to America and settled in Canada, where he made his home until the fall of 1866. He then moved to Franklin County, Mo., and where he has since made his home. He is interested in the Balsam remedy, and many years ago, in the old country, he became a student of medicine and graduated from several colleges. For twenty years he has practiced his profession in Canada and this country and is well known as one of the most successful practitioners of the healing art. About sixteen years ago he retired from practice, after a long and successful career. He married Miss Bartrain________ who was of Scotch parentage, and nine children resulted from this union, eight of whom are living, and all in Springfield. They are named as follows: D. B., George, Minia, Peter, Alexander, Jane, Susanna and John A. The mother of these children was killed by the cyclone that passed through Greene County in 1883. The Haeberle family has held membership in the Christian Church for three generations back Although nearly seventy-four years of age, time has dealt leniently with Mr. Haeberle, and he enjoys comparatively good health. For many years medicine was his life study, and about twenty years ago he began to prepare the Compound Balsam and for many years worked over this until it reached perfection. The medicine was patented in 1887, and since then Mr. Haeberle has been widely known. The original of this notice, Dr. D. B. Haeberle, received a good practical education in the common schools and graduated from the St. Catherine College in 1868. He then turned his attention to the study of medicine with his father and attended the St. Catherine Medical School, later beginning to practice his profession. This he has continued for ten years, and is represented by four traveling men who are in the States of Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Illinois, and in Mexico. Dr. Haeberle has resided in the city since 1870, and for thirteen years prior to that resided near. He was married in this county to Miss Alilia Roberts, daughter of the old pioneer, W. G. Roberts, and three children have blessed this union: Vennie, William and Florence, all attending school. For some time Dr. Haeberle was engaged in the real estate business, but gave that up later. Socially he is a member of the I. O. O. F. and politically he is a Democrat. He held the office of city councilman about four years and has ever been prominent in the affairs of the city. He is highly esteemed by all and his business is classed among the enterprises of the city. His family attend the Christian Church.


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