Pictorial and Genealogical Record
of Greene County, Missouri

Together with Bibliographies of Prominent Men of Other Portions of the State, Both Living and Dead

KOENlGSBRUCK & BOEHMER. The evolutions in the industrial world--the improved modes of manufacturing things-have been marvelous in the past half century, and scarcely an industry exists that has, been left untouched by the spirit of reform. The demand of the age is for labor-saving machinery, improved tools; and appliances, and short cuts generally to desired ends. This is especially the case in farm machinery and those articles kept by the well-known firm of Koenigsbruck & Boehmer are of the latest improved make. The members of this firm August Koenigsbruck and Charles Boehmer occupy the largest and handsomest trade buildings in the city of Springfield, the building being a fine three-story and basement brick structure and measures 50xl02 feet. It is located on the southeast corner of West Walnut and Campbell Streets and is most advantageously located. The firm deals in farm machinery of all kinds, wagons, buggies, harness, seeds, etc., in which business they have a large and constantly expanding trade, due largely to their honorable methods of conducting their business, which is both wholesale and retail, and was established in 1890. They have traveling salesmen who cover southern Missouri, and northern Arkansas, in which they sell large numbers of the celebrated Buckeye reapers and mowers and the Bissell, and other makes of plows. The Bain and Birdsell wagons, the finest known to the trade, are one of their special features, and in buggies and carriages they sell Buckeye and the Birdsell. Their first floor is used as a sample and display room, while the second is their depository and repair department, the third being used for general storage purposes and the basement for heavy machinery. They are proprietors of a produce and food store also located in the rear of their main building. The different articles which they buy are shipped to Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Memphis, New York City, and other important points. Mr. Koenigsbruck gives the produce and feed business his personal attention, while the carriage and implement business is managed by Mr. Boehmer.


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