Pictorial and Genealogical Record
of Greene County, Missouri • 1893

Together with Bibliographies of Prominent Men of Other Portions of the State, Both Living and Dead

MISS ANNA M. MOONEY. Who for some time past has held the position of criminal court stenographer of Springfield, is a young lady whose pleasant address and superior ability has not only won a warm place in the hearts of the legal profession of Greene County, but in the hearts of all with whom she chances to meet. She is a worthy example of this progressive age and of what can be accomplished by the "weaker sex," when opportunity is afforded. Miss Mooney was born in Salt Lake City, December 28, 1871, to the marriage of P. C. and Margaret Mooney, and was the eldest of five children. The parents resided for some time at Little Rock, Ark., but after the death of the father, which occurred in 1889, the mother, with her children, came to Springfield, Mo. There she has made her home since. During the Rebellion Mr. Mooney was a faithful and efficient soldier and for many years was with the standing army, holding the rank of ______. Mrs. Mooney and children now reside at 976 North Main Street, Springfield, Mo., and Miss Anna is the main support of the family. This young lady received the rudiments of her education in the schools of Little Rock, Ark., while her parents resided there, but subsequently attended the St. Mary's Academy, under the charge of the Sisters of Mercy, where she gained a thorough knowledge of her profession. She spent much time to become a professional typewriter, and succeeded, for she is unusually rapid and accurate. After leaving school she took a place in the office of an attorney, became acquainted with legal terms, and in the early part of 1892 was examined by attorney John A. Pattern, F. A. Heffernan and C. V. Buckley, for the position of criminal court stenographer, and met all the requirements. During the time she has held the position she has reported for many important cases, such as the Bald Knob case and others of still greater importance, besides some of the most important murder cases of the county. Her sister, Miss ____________, is clerk and typewriter in the office of Harrington & Pepperdine, and is a young lady of superior attainments. Miss Mooney deserves much credit for the way in which she has surmounted the obstacles which have strewn her pathway, and her career is a useful object lesson to others of her sex to "go and do likewise." She has made numerous friends, and her future career is bright with promise.


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