Pictorial and Genealogical Record
of Greene County, Missouri • 1893

Together with Bibliographies of Prominent Men of Other Portions of the State, Both Living and Dead

D. E. MORROW, D.D.S. It is no small debt of gratitude that the world owes to the dentist for this opportunity to gain comfort, and the care of the teeth is one of the utmost importance, for if not properly and promptly attended to they will eventually injure the health and cause much unnecessary suffering. Among the eminent dentists of Missouri may be mentioned Dr. D. E. Morrow, who has a pleasant, well appointed and convenient office in Springfield. He has been a resident of this city since December, 1882, having been born in Wayne County, Ohio, March 25, 1857, to James K. and Malinda E. Morrow. The family originated in Scotland and during the early history of this country settled in the New England States where they made names for themselves. The family finally became known in Ohio where James K. Morrow successfully tilled the soil until his death in 1880. His widow still survives him and is a resident of Cass County, Mo. Dr. D. E. Morrow received his education in a well conducted normal school in Missouri, having come to this State with his parents in 1865, and when not pursuing the paths of learning he was assisting his father to till the soil of the home farm. After deciding to make dentistry his profession he began his studies in 1878 with Dr. Johnson, of Holden, Mo., and after some time entered the Kansas City Dental College, which he attended until 1880. At the end of this time he opened an office at Harrisville, Mo., where he remained two years, at the end of which time he came to Springfield and here has built up an extensive practice. He has a finely appointed office at No. 234 Commercial Street, over the city drug store. The Doctor is an expert dentist, painstaking, careful and thorough in his work and his proficiency in his profession has become well known and he has all the work he can properly attend to. He has a neat and comfortable residence at 1234 Benton Avenue where he and his wife dispense a generous hospitality to their -numerous friends. He was married to Miss Sadie Canfield, of Kansas, a daughter to E. C. Canfield, a carriage and plow manufacturer. The Doctor and his wife have three sons: Eugene E. Clark E. and Alfred F. The Doctor and his family attend the Presbyterian Church, and in politics he is with the Republican party. The Doctor's patients repose in him the utmost confidence and he possesses all the modern instruments for carrying on his work and undertakes every sort of dental work at reasonable figures, including extracting, excavating, preparing cavities, and inserting gold and metal filling, crown filling, supplying false teeth in sets or singly; in fact, his work is all strictly first class.


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