Pictorial and Genealogical Record
of Greene County, Missouri

Together with Bibliographies of Prominent Men of Other Portions of the State, Both Living and Dead

HON. EDWARD C. O'DAY. Many men attain distinction after reaching the meridian of life, but to few is it given to be crowned with success before they have passed the second score of the three score years and ten allotted to man. The subject of this brief biography forms one of these rare exceptions, and therefore is worthy of consideration in this connection. He is one of the prominent legal lights of Springfield and although young in years has represented his county in the State Legislature. Mr. O'Day was born near Madison, Wis., February 21, 1862, and became a resident of Springfield, Mo., in 1870. He received his collegiate education at Drury College and graduated with honors from, that institution in the class of 1886. AT an early agea he decided upon the legal profession as his chosen calling and when quite young began the study of law with his brother, John O'Day, one of the ablest attorneys of the Missouri bar. In 1885 he was admitted to practice and immediately after leaving college he entered upon his duties as a lawyer. Almost from the first be received recognition at the bar. Thoroughly master of himself, with an intimate knowledge of his case, of quick perceptive faculties, ready to take advantage of any error, master of any principle of the law involved in the case, an accurate reader of human character, able to discern the motives and purpose of a witness as if by inspiration, of inexhaustible resources, he is a formidable antagonist and whoever won from him a verdict was entitled to it. Mr. O'Day has been connected with many important cases, being especially equipped as a railroad lawyer, and for several years was assistant attorney for the Frisco railroad. He is now attorney for the American National Bank of Springfield and is largely interested in the banking and real estate interests of the city. He stands high as one of the leading commercial lawyers of southwest Missouri and has devoted his attention largely to commercial law. For some time he has been a member of the law firm of__________ which was established by his brother, John O'Day, in 1866, and this is one of the most widely-known legal firms in the entire Southwest, possessing an enviable reputation for legal sagacity and responsibility. Socially Mr. O'Day is a member of the Knights of Pythias, and politically a stanch Democrat in which party he takes a decided interest. In 1889 be was elected by his party as representative to the State Legislature, and for a number of years was a member of the Democratic State Central Committee. He is a very successful financier and has already accumulated a handsome property. Mr. O'Day is one of the well-known public-spirited men of Springfield, and has contributed largely to all enterprises of a laudable nature.


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