Pictorial and Genealogical Record
of Greene County, Missouri

Together with Bibliographies of Prominent Men of Other Portions of the State, Both Living and Dead

REV. FATHER BASIL ODERMATT, O. S. B. For -the past year the name of Father Odermatt has been linked with St. Joseph's College, Springfield, Mo. He owes his nativity to Stans, Switzerland, where he was born March 25, 1867, and almost from the first was designed for the priesthood by his parents. His father, Xavier Odermatt, was a farmer in comfortable circumstances and all his life was a devout and faithful Catholic. The Odermatts; are a prosperous family in Switzerland and are well-to-do in this world's goods and highly respected by all who know them. Father Basil Odermatt received his initiatory training in the excellent district schools which were in vogue during his youth, but completed his literary course in the parish Catholic schools and in the college of Engelberg, but at the age of nineteen came to America, and for sometime thereafter was a resident of Conception, Mo., where he was ordained a priest of the Catholic Church on March 12, 1883. The same year he was appointed a prefect of studies at Conception, but at the end of two years hebegan doing missionary work, a calling which occupied his heart and mind until 1887. The work, however, was too great a tax upon his strength and his; health began failing him after which he retired to Conception, where. having partially recovered, he came to Springfield, in September, 1892, and since that time he has been one of the processors of St. Joseph's college, with an idea of remaining and devoting his attention to the success of the college. The excellent institution with which he is connected has been recognized as possessing high merit and is patronized by the best and most intelligent families of that section.


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