Pictorial and Genealogical Record
of Greene County, Missouri

Together with Bibliographies of Prominent Men of Other Portions of the State, Both Living and Dead

RUSH OWENS (deceased). Perhaps no name is more familiar or more favorably known to the people of Greene County, Mo., than the one above mentioned. This is not alone due to the fact that its members have been residents of the county for many years, but the name has been very intimately associated with the moral, social, intellectual and financial growth of the county. In fact the name of Owens is to Greene County and Springfield what an heirloom is to a proud and deserving family. The original of this; brief notice was born in Williamson County, Tenn., and was the son of J. Owens, who was born in the Old North State, Mecklenburg County. The latter moved to Tennessee, and from there to Oil Springs, Ind., where he held some office under the Government. There he died when comparatively a young man, not more than forty-eight years of age. He was a cousin of James K. Polk, and in politics a stanch Democrat. His wife died in 1866. He was the owner of considerable property in Missouri, Texas and Mississippi. Socially he was a Mason. The subject of this sketch came to Springfield, Mo., in 1854, and there died in 1862. In 1856 he married Miss Campbell, daughter of John P. Campbell, the first settler of Springfield, and the man for whom Campbell Township was named. The Campbell family is another old family of the county, and its members contributed their full share toward the progress and development of the county. No family is better respected. To Mr. and Mrs. Owens were born four children, all living but the oldest daughter, Mrs. George T. Bryan, who died in 1892. The other children are, Felix G., of Texas; Mrs. J. P. McCommon, of Springfield; and J. Owens, a young man residing at home. The old Campbell homestead is situated at 952 South Jefferson Street, Springfield. Mr. Campbell, the father of Mrs. Owens, was well known and very prominent in the politics of the county, holding many positions of trust in the county. He was the father of eleven children, only two of whom are now living, Mrs. Owens and one brother who resides in Mississippi. Three of his sons, James, Thomas and William, never married, but the remainder did and reared families. All were well and favorably known in the county.


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