Pictorial and Genealogical Record
of Greene County, Missouri

Together with Bibliographies of Prominent Men of Other Portions of the State, Both Living and Dead

HENRY YEAKLEY. This well-known and successful farmer is the second son of John Yeakley, the pioneer, and was born on the 22d of June, 1832, in Greene County, Tenn., being seven years of age at the time of his parent's removal to Greene County, Mo. He was a bright and intelligent lad at that time and the journey by wagon to this section left such an impression on his mind that he recalls many of the incidents connected with the journey with great vividness. He say; at that time the country was beautiful in its wildness, but that there was little or no underbrush and grass was very luxuriant, growing to the hight of a man's hips. The year of their arrival his father raised a crop of corn on seven acres of rented land, as his own land was as yet unbroken, but was taken sick with fever in August and for eight months could do no work, with the exception of a little hunting, and the labor of caring for, gathering and storing the crop devolved upon Henry and his brothers. For two years they were very short of provisions, being obliged to practice the closest economy, but after that they raised excellent crops and had all they desired. The school houses at that time were few and far between, and even those not the best conducted, but be managed to secure six months' schooling after which his studies were pursued by the home fireside, by which means he learned to read, write and spell as well as considerable of arithmetic. In 1862 he enlisted in the Missouri State Militia and was then in a provisional regiment a few months, in Company A., Sixteenth Regiment, Missouri Volunteer Cavalry, in which he served eighteen months, his entire service amounting to three years. He was in the battle of Boonville, Westport, one on the Blue River and another about sixteen miles north of Ft. Scott. Mr. Yeakley was not wounded during his service, but had his horse shot and killed while he was holding its bridle at the battle of Boonville. He was on active duty all the time and was a faithful soldier. After the war he returned to farming and was married August 30, 1865, to Ann, daughter of Paul and Margaret (McGhee) Brame, of German stock, and to their union three children have been given: William H., Malinda E. and John. Mr. Yeakley began farming with 200 acres of land and by thrift and energy has cleared up a good farm, and added forty acres to the original tract and has made good improvements in the way of buildings upon it. He and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and he is a member of the G. A. R. at Republic, Mo. Mrs. Yeakley's parents, Paul and Margaret (McGhee) Brame, were born in Kentucky, May 12, 1812, and April 10, 1815, respectively, their marriage taking place on the 3d of April, 1832. They left Kentucky in 1833, lived a few months in Illinois, and in 1834 came to Greene County, Mo., and entered land near Walnut Grove, being one of the pioneers of that part of the county. In 1848 he went to California as one of the early gold seekers, and finally died in that country. He and his wife were the parents of nine children: Elizabeth, born April 10, 1833; Martha J., born December 28, 1834; Malinda, born January 21, 1837; Josephus, born July 11, 1838; David S., born February 23, 1840; John H., born December 10, 1841; James T., born December 4, 1843; Celia A., born September 13, 1845; and Thursey, born December 3, 1847. Both Mr. and Mrs. Brame are members of the Christian Church and are worthy and respected people and upright and public-spirited citizens. Mrs. Yeakley was born in Greene County, Mo., September 13, 1845. Her maternal grandparents were William and Sally McGhee, the former of whom was of Irish birth and an early pioneer of Kentucky.


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