A Directory of Towns, Villages, and Hamlets
Past and Present
of McDonald County, Missouri

Compiled by Arthur Paul Moser


Bibliography and Acknowledgements

In compiling this Directory of Towns, Villages and Hamlets, Past and Present, of McDonald County, Missouri, an effort has been made to include every known community.

I am indebted to Mrs. Pauline Carnell, of Jane, Mo., the president of the McDonald County Historical Society for her very valuable contributions to the Directory. Mrs. Carnell knows much of the history of McDonald County, and she also has some records from the National Archives and Records Service, in Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Carnell writes: "I have done this myself, but have used some material of the McDonald County Historical Society, so if you wish to give credit, these two will do, myself and the organization."

Also, I have examined an M.A. Thesis by Margaret Ellen Bell, of the University of Missouri, 1933, entitled

PLACE NAMES IN THE SOUTHWEST BORDER COUNTIES OF MISSOURI, MARGARET ELLEN BELL. Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in the Graduate School of the University of Mo., 1933. (This thesis is on microfilm at the Springfield-Greene County Library.)
Also, credit to two magazines is given:
THE MIDWEST MOTORIST, a publication of the Automobile Cub of Missouri, December, 1970.
Additional credit is given to the staff in the Historical Section of the Springfield-Greene County Library, which made certain rare books available from the rare book room.

Additional credits are given on page B.


Other reference books include:

NOTE:  This Directory may be copied by anyone, proper credit should be given.

JULY, 1973

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