Volume I, No. 1, Fall 1973

Teacher's Plan Book

How did these teachers manage to keep forty students in eight different grades busy?


How do they plan to include reading, spelling, language, math, science, map study, art, social studies, penmanship, phonics, agriculture, and music in a well balanced curriculum for eight different grades?


Opposite is a page from the plan book of Lanora Luthy. Her day started at eight-thirty. She had one hour and thirty minutes to have reading for first through fourth grades and social studies for fifth through eighth grades. Then at ten o'clock she dismissed for a fifteen minute recess when she usually went out to play ball with her students.

From ten-fifteen to noon the teacher tried to get in eight grades of spelling and eight grades of  language, plus phonics and penmanship whenever she had time.

At twelve she had an hour to eat, to organize her afternoon classes, grade papers, keep one eye on the ball diamond, the swings and the smaller girls behind the trees playing house.

At one she had eight grades of math which came out to about eleven minutes for each class. (She even learned to teach the "New Math"!) Then at two-thirty another fifteen minute recess.

From two-forty-five until three-thirty she had forty-five minutes devoted to the study of science, except when she had WEEKLY READERS to dot or a Friday ciphering match or ball game scheduled.

Three thirty and time for the children to go home. For the teacher? Straighten up the room, sweep, gather up all the day's papers to take home to grade and make out plans for the next day.


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