Vol. I, No. 1

Fall 1973

Issue 1


Our Link to the Past
      Thirty-Eight Years in a One-Room School
      Softball - The All-Time Favorite
      Advantages and Disadvantages
      Teacher's Plan Book
      As We Saw Them
Go Ask Lois
From the Word Go
Photo Essay
Children's Games
Pie Supper
 The Swinging Bridge
The Turn of a Key
The Last Day of School
Hill Recipes
Publisher's Information

The passing of the one-room rural school brings bittersweet memories to many Ozark people who have attended one. Most ways must give way to newer, and, we hope, better ways of doing, as has the one-room school. In most sections of the country these schools have been gone for a generation, but the Ozark people have resisted losing their rural schools until forced to by law. The 1972-1973 school year saw a few still operating for the last time. Before these were closed forever, before this aspect of the Ozark culture was history, our staff visited two nearby schools. We think it appropriate that our first issue of BITTERSWEET begins with memories of one of the most influencial instruments in the development of the Ozarks--the one-room rural school.

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