Volume X, No. 1, Fall 1982


I received the complimentary copies of Bittersweet for the summer issue 1982. I was pleased that my article "Tell It for Truth" appeared on the first page. I wish to compliment Cherie Burns on a very fine piece of work. I like particularly the text accompanying each picture. I like also the separation of tales, giving each of them a title.
I have told you before how much I appreciate the fine work you students are doing, but this little note is to repeat my congratulations and appreciation for the work being done for Lebanon High School. I hope that some of the students, at least a few of them, will follow the literary trail.

Douglas Mahnkey
Forsyth, Missouri

I attended the Garden Club Board Meeting, March 31, at the First Congregational Church. Everyone was so impressed by the program on prairie plants and flowers. James Heck and his teacher made a deep impression on us all. No one need worry about this old world with such talented people to take over.

Mrs. Thomas O'Ferrell
Willow Springs, Missouri

I'm often asked the secret of my healthful eighty-two years of life. Of course, it's genes, over which no one has control. But I've never smoked, used alcohol, and very few medicine prescriptions, and have had mental and physical challenges. And a sense of humor, which my mother gave me. And with good old Ozark sun, water and fresh air. That is my secret.
Here are two tales of old Ozark people that might help:
One backwoods hillbilly lived a way back in the hills and only had a cart and old mule for transportation. When he was on the rocky road, he would say, "Getty up, Jack, Dan, Tom and Jock." When asked why he called his old mule so many names, he said, "Because if old Jock knew he was pulling this cart by himself, he would balk on me."
One old Ozark fellow went to see his doctor. The doctor asked, "Just how far can you see clearly?" The old fellow said, "Wal, when I wake up I see the sun and they tell me that's 93,000,000 miles away."

Fern Zander,
Cuba, Missouri

I enjoy every issue I receive, more and more! The people portrayed are the sincere, down to earth kind I knew as a child growing up in a small rural village in Ohio.
The lessons learned by all the youth who help to write and edit these wonderful stories in every issue will leave a far greater legacy than any money could buy in values or achievement.

Mrs. Edward Zepp
Winesburg, Ohio

I have occasionally had the opportunity to enjoy your publications at the library here at Mineral Area College. And, every time I do, I think how much my mother and dad would enjoy reading it.
My mother's birthday and Father's Day are imminent. What better time or better gift!
Thank you very much for the magazine and the very special articles and pictures. Maybe some of the "endangered memories" can be preserved through your efforts.

Bonnie McGee
Flat River, Missouri


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