Volume X, No. 4, Summer 1983


When I wrote the spring editorial, I knew that Bittersweet was ceasing publication after this issue, but I guess I wasn't wanting to think about it. Perhaps I was pushing it aside until the time came nearer. Unfortunately, the time has arrived when I can no longer push it aside. But looking at my own special logo, I can say that I am leaving Bittersweet with a smile. Even though the class will not continue next year, I have had a chance to participate in a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

Past staff members I have talked to agree that Bittersweet was one of the best experiences in high school. There are only about one hundred past staff members altogether because although Bittersweet has been in operation for ten years, the staff has been small and many staff members took the class for three years. We have all worked very hard, but even with all our efforts, we could never have accomplished all that we have without the help of some very special people.

First of all, Eliot Wigginton of Foxfire and Ralph Gray of National Geographic World deserve a lot of thanks for suggesting that we even start to publish. They believed that the area around us would have many interesting topics to write about.

Even after their suggestion, we had to get permission to begin the actual production. The Lebanon R-III School system gave us that chance in 1973.

A very special group of people that make Bittersweet possible is the people we write about. Without them, we would not have had the material to put in our magazine.

Playing a big part of our existence are the subscribers and readers who who have given us support all along. You are what made Bittersweet survive this long. When we first started out, we didn't know what kind of response we would get from the readers, but you have heartily supported us all along and still continue to do so.

We recently sent a letter to all subscribers whose subscriptions ran beyond this summer issue. We really appreciated your response and letters. By now we have taken care of all the returns. We especially appreciate the many subscribers who gave the money coming to them as a donation. We wish we could list them all. This generosity will help to offset our ending expenses.

We have had help in other ways. Our advisory boards, past and present, have given us many ideas and suggestions for almost every aspect of the magazine.

Then there is the Bittersweet, Inc. Board with James Baldwin, George Kastler, and Dalton Wright. They have been our great rooting section, giving us encouragement, suggestions, ideas and a great deal of their time. Dalton Wright has given us a lot of publicity in the local newspaper, The Lebanon Daily Record.

The Lebanon radio stations, KJEL and KLWT, have also run radio spots for every new issue. KYTV, Channel 3 in Springfield, Missouri, has also helped in giving us publicity.

Everybody I mentioned, plus others too numerous to mention, deserve many, many thanks for the help and support they have given us.

Even though we won't publish any more magazines and the class will not be offered, Bittersweet, Inc. with its officers will continue. Back issues and books will still be available as long as they last. It may be possible we can publish future books based on material already printed. For information or back issues, please feel free to contact Ellen Massey at (417) 532-5155, or write to: Bittersweet, Inc., Rt. 7, Box 241, Lebanon, Missouri 65536. L.D.G.


Copyright © 1981 BITTERSWEET, INC.

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