Volume X, No. 4, Summer 1983


This time it is difficult writing just about the two remaining seniors, Allen Gage and Lisa Mestan, because this will be our last "Introducing the Staff." Dena Myers asked if we were going to write about everyone. We'd like to, but this magazine is already super large, so we're sticking to tradition. But since juniors Dena, Melanie Stubblefield, Kirsten Ksara and Vickie Hooper are second year staffers and each has a story in this issue, we want to mention them at least.

Even though third year member Lisa Mestan is very active in dramatics, having been in every play since she's been in high school, and in student government, including being student body president this year, we can always count on her getting her stories and committee work done in time. Her three major stories were personalities on Wilford Haymes (Fall 1981) and J.W. Lawson (Summer 1982) and making crepe paper flowers (Spring 1983). She enjoyed writing the how-to story on the flowers. "It was hard work," she said, "but fun. I learned a piece of Ozark heritage, and it is a talent I can use later in life if I like." She's worked with business, heading up the committee this year, with art and publicity. Southwest Missouri readers may have seen her on our public service television announcements on KY-3 which ran in December. She said the experience at Bittersweet will help in her future work. She plans to attend the university of Missouri and study journalism with emphasis in television commentary broadcasting.

Allen's main interest in Bitterweet has been in photography. He would go into the darkroom every day to work if allowed to. "I like to come against problems in the darkroom and see if I can get them done." He's had four of his photographs chosen for front or back covers, and his by-line for photographs is all through the stories of the last three years. His written stories include the Websters and zodiac signs (Spring 1981), horseshoe pitching (Spring 1983) and Ike Fry in this issue. His favorite is probably the story on old-time fiddlers (Spring 1982). "It came out better, and I'm interested in music," he said. He plays the banjo, guitar and bass and sings in the choirs at school and at his church. His ready wit keeps us laughing, and even though we should know better, we always bite on his jokes. His future plans are indefinite whether he will go to college or begin working.

Lisa Mestan concentrates on totaling the checkbook. Photo by Vickie Hooper.

Allen Gage enjoys a favorite pastime. Photo by Jeff Zander.


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