Volume II, No. 2, Winter 1974


by Sarah Seay

Photographs by Robert McKenzie

Life is a journey into people--we see ourselves in their eye mirrors.


Pictures like movies in our heads--rerun.
Talk in long-play albums--repeat, unreal.
Understanding transports us into real.
In others we perceive


Communion produces insight.



Solitude like empty canyons--echoes.
Emotions in tidal waves--engulf, Peril.
Sharing transports us into real.

Happiness grows
Sorrow diminishes
     when shared.

Character builds upon character.
Understanding results in communion.
Communion produces real fellowship.

Peace in mind
meets obstacles

Calm in heart
meets controversy
in the air.

Restraint in mouth
meets argument
in words.



Labor like high speed treadmills-- endless
Work, produce, consume, produce, work,

Dedication brings reward.
Sweat drips with motivation into pools of effort.
Struggle ends in victory.
Goals are realized.
Accomplishment is the product of energy
a price we pay to achieve.

Inspiration is a lightning bug--
dimly sparkling in front of us.
Following its path
we bump into walls
of resistance and
bounce off to aim
once more after

Inspiration. Strife
sharpens our wits of
survival. We grow slowly.
The commodities of life are many--
A loaf of bread, a pound of bologna.



A word journeys from mouth to ear.
Eyes observe what hands do.
Ideas travel from mind to mind.

Lives touching lives touching lives
In time a word
may linger on.
And people so
must affect people.
Independent colonies
mingling into brotherhood.



Expressions like news releases--flashing
Age like a huge alarm clock--fleeting

Understanding captures minds
Capsules of technicolor experience
Melted crayon spots of living.
Vivid oil portraits of personality.
Stark sketches of character.
A conglomerate of people--
beating, throbbing, pounding, mass of humanity.

Life is a journey into people--we
see ourselves in their face mirrors.


Copyright © 1981 BITTERSWEET, INC.

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