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OzarksWatch is currently published at Southwest Missouri State University (Springfield,MO) by the Center for Ozarks Studies in conjunction with the Office of Publications.

Robert Gilmore, of the University Center, and Robert Flanders, of the Center for Ozarks Studies, began OzarksWatch in 1987. According to Dr. Flanders in the first issue:

"Our watch will not concentrate on highly specialized and particular interests. We want to watch the Ozarks as a place to live -- in the past, at present and for the future. Our enterprise will focus on that special kind of human habitation that is distinctive in ways keenly felt but often difficult to describe and even to understand…. This Ozarks environment includes not only the land and the people but also the influence of time -- that whole matrix of interactions between land and people over many generations."

The articles included cover a broad range of subjects as they relate to the Ozarks. Many issues are devoted to a particular subject. Theme issues have included; Indians of the Ozarks, the Civil War, the Farm, Resources, and Domestic Architecture.

OzarksWatch is provided with permission of: OzarksWatch, Southwest Missouri State University, 901 South National, Springfield, Missouri 65804

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