Volume 1, Number 3 - Spring 1962


The following are a few excerpts from a column under the caption of Tell Me the Tales written for a South San Gabriel Newspaper by Mrs. Melissa Branson Stedman, a retired school teacher of California.

"The White River Valley Historical Society has started something that should make history a living thing in our United States.

"In bringing out the pioneer history of its own section, it brings our pioneer heritage to our very door steps. If this sort of project was carried out by other sections of the country, school children would see our history as part of themselves and it would come alive, not being just a remote tale of another age.

"The society is now putting out a quarterly which is loaded with historical events of that part of the country, and is pledged to devote different issues to the pioneer families of that area.

"Imagine my surprise and excitement when I found the very first family so featured was my own family. The Branson Story. The feature was compiled from stories gathered from descendants in varying sections of the country.

"Branson, Missouri on White River, which could almost be said to be the sportman's capital of the United States, was named for our family.

"I have never been to the town that was named for our family, but I look forward to going there sometime, in the near future.


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