Volume 2, Number 10 - Winter 1966

The Old McClelland Cemetery
by Elizabeth B. Langley

The Old McClelland Cemetery is located seven miles east of Hurley, Missouri, on the Harold Dulin Ranch, in Northern Stone County. We were unable to determine just how old is this cemetery. Old timers I have talked with say it was here long before their time.

Mrs. Bob Wilson who was with me didn’t think we could "step" the size of the cemetery due to the weeds and virgin timber which nestled beneath tall oak trees all entwined with wild grape vines. We judged the plot to be approximately one quarter acre, more or less.

From our estimation there were, perhaps, twenty-eight to thirty people buried here. We counted this many, though only thirteen engraved headstones remain. The others are marked with native headstones. Some of the engraved markers were down. We replaced them and during the process killed three ring-neck snakes.

We had to buff the markers to be able to determine names and dates. If anyone knows of people buried here please get in touch with me or the White River Valley Historical Society.

The flood waters have washed away several graves in the south part of the cemetery. A deep ravine remains.

In doing research on this cemetery I have been told there are no McClellands buried here. The name applies to the original owners of the land which was settled prior to the Civil War.

The oldest marker we found with a date on it was that of an infant, Eddy Houston Cloud, son of John Cloud. The marker bears the dates—born March 25th, 1858—died October 25, 1858. Should anyone want the biographies, I have them.

This cemetery needs repair. It would be nice if someone would form a committee to make improvements and help to preserve the graves of some pioneers. We are much in debt to them in return for the labor and sweat they gave while opening the paths to a progressive community in which we live.

The names we found are:
Martha J. Butler, Born Nov. 8, 1874—died Oct. 28, 1875; Benjamin F. Butler, Born Jan. 26, 1866—died Oct. 27, 1870; Mary Will Helms, Born Dec. 8, 1828-died August 18, 1880; Thomas E. W. Lee Born Dec. ?, 1853—died Oct. 4, 1873. W. Lee. Born Dec. ?, 1853—died Oct. 4, 1873. Allen Wiley Helmns, Born Aug. ?, 185?—died ?, 1882; Eddy Houston Cloud, Born March 25, 1858— died Oct. 25, 1858; Johnny Cloud, Born Mar. 9, 1862-died April 22, 1862; Mary J. Cloud, Born ?, 1814—died Oct. 28, 1858; ? Thornberry, Born ?— died ?; Grover Starks; William Starks; Hense Cloud, Born 1829—1904.

Thornberry lived with the McClelland family. He shot himself in the south bedroom of the old house on top of the hill east of the new Dulin residence.

William Starks was the five year old son of Grover Starks.

Hense Cloud was a Civil War veteran and died at age 75. He died in 1904 of consumption.

Grover Starks’ grave was washed away. It lay on the south part of the cemetery.

My thanks go to "Uncle Bill" and "Aunt Ett Burton for the information they gave to me on Grover Starks and Hense Cloud.

Does any one have any information concerning early settlers by name of Ward, Meade, Perryman, James, or Funderburk? My mother was born Nov. 22, 1898, in Forsyth, Missouri. She is the daughter of Henry Clay Funderburk and Lydia Belle Ward— daughter of Issac and Rosanna Ward.

At this time I am working on "Bushwackers of the Civil War". Jesse James (Jemes) was my 4th cousin on my maternal side.


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