Volume 3, Number 10 - Winter 1970

Meeting of the Officers
Board of Directors
of the White River Valley Historical Society,
held November 30, 1969,
by Albert D. Cummings, secretary

Officers and Board of Directors of the White River Valley Historical Society met at the Friendship House, The School of the Ozarks, Point Lookout, Missouri, November 30, at 12:00 noon. Those present were: Dr. M. Graham Clark, pres.; Mrs. Ruby Robins, 1st vice-pres.; Mr. John Davidson, 2nd vice pres.; Mr. Albert Cummings, sec.; Mrs. Dorothy Standlee, treas.; Mr. Elmo Ingenthron, historian; and Board members: Mr. J. Elmer Curry, Mrs. Stella Luna, and Mrs. Helen Fletcher; and Mrs. Jewell Ross Mehus, editor of the Quarterly. Guests Mrs. J. E. Curry, Ava; Mrs. Alice Ferguson, Branson; Mrs. M. 'Graham Clark, Point Lookout; and Mrs. M. G. Clark, Donalsonville, Ga.

The meeting was opened by prayer by Dr. Clark.

New Business:
The secretary was directed to reproduce sufficient copies of the Constitution and distribute the same to all officers and board members. The frequency of meetings was discussed, and the following flexible schedule agreed upon:

Winter Meeting: In late January or early February at the School of the Ozarks, Point
Lookout, Missouri. Motion made by Elmo Ingenthron, seconded by Albert Cummings.
Motion carred.

Spring Meeting: In late March or early April at Rock Ridge, Missouri. Douglas and Ozark counties to be hosts.

Summer Meeting: Annual Meeting to be held in June at the School of the Ozarks, Point Lookout. Motion by Elmo Ingenthron, seconded by Dorothy Standless. Motion carried.

Fall Meeting: In late October, in either Stone or Christian County. Date to be set later.

Mr. Coy Logan, Board member from Carroll, County, Arkansas desires to resign due to other committments. Discussion as to replacement, Mrs. Margaret Larrimore of Green Forrest, Arkansas, was suggested. No action taken.

Dr. Clark requested Mr. Ingenthron to undertake to stimulate interest in the society in the adjacent areas of Northern Arkansas. Mr. Ingenthron accepted the direction.

Mrs. Jewell Ross Mehus, editor, requested the floor. She asked that all officers and Board members endeavor to send in for publication at least one large manuscript and several smaller items of historical interest. She cited a need for the marriage records of Stone and the other counties to be acquired and published. Also there are many cemeteries to be researched and records made. The Old Garber School history should be researched, also the Old Post Office at Garber. There are many, many stories that should be collected and written up to preserve our Heritage in this area.

Dr. Clark asked the secretary to procure new stationery and envelopes and make distribution to all officers and board members.

There being no further business the business meeting was adjourned.

Albert D. Cummings, secretary.


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