Volume 3, Number 10 - Winter 1970

Our Friend Family
by Dean Wallace
(Continued from Fall Issue)

(H) Willie, twin brother of Lillian, was born 1903 and married Opal McCullough, daughter of Steve and Leva (Wiggins) McCullough. Willie was married 1928 at Isabella and lives at Independence, Mo. Their children are: (aa) Lucille, born 1929 and married Willis Devere Donnley, son of Frank and Nellie (Byam) Donnely, natives of Arkansas and moved to Isabella when Norfork Lake inundated their farm. They now live at Isabella, Mo.

Their children are: (aaa) Larry Joe, born 1948 (bbb) Joyce Faye, born 1950: (ccc) Danny Ray, born 1952: (ddd) Rex Roy, born 1955: (eee) Judy Mae, born 1958. (bb) Alma Jean, born 1933 and married Onard Hambelton, son of Alva and Ruth (Strong) Hambleton. They live at Gainesville, Mo. The children of Alma and Onard are: (aaa) Nora Ann, born 1956: (bbb) Guy Averie, born 1958: (ccc) Floyd Kent, born 1960: and twins, Lesa Ann and Tresa Gean, born 1964. (cc)Bobbie Ada, born 1933 and married Nathaniel Benjamin Beard, son of Johnnie and Nola (White) Beard of Kansas City in 1952. Their children are: (aaa) Janice Kay, born 1956: (bbb) Rickey Lee, born 1960. The live at Kansas City, Mo. (dd)Buddy Arnold, born 1937 and married Lelan Rose Roddy, daughter of Thomas Lee and Neva Debra (Gordon) Roddy and has (aaa) Ernest Jay, born 1957: (bbb) Kitty Lynn, born 1959: (ccc) Connie Jean, Born 1961: (ddd) Buddy Arnold, born 1963. They live in Kansas City, Mo. (ee)Tesley Warnie born 1939 and married Francis V. Dobbins, daughter of John Kates and Clara May (Cochran) Dobbins of Kansas City. His children are: (aaa) Kenny Lee, born 1961: (bbb) Karen Sue, born 1960: (ccc) Dixie Ann, born 1964. (ff)Wanda Marie, born 1944 and married Eddie Leon Beard, son of Walter and Vada (Strong) Beard on June, 1961 and has Cindy Jo, born 1963. They live at Independence, Missouri. (gg) William Jack "Billy", born 1947 and lives at home.

4. Mary Jane, born 1870 and married Thomas Mahan, son of Isaac and Louisa (Ford) Mahan. Mary and Tom were married in 1888. Tom died in 1919 of measles. Mary's mother died when Mary was thirteen years old and she did not get to attend much of school, having to take over the role of a housewife. She and Tom lived their married life on a forty acre farm on Pond Fork Creek north of Theodosia. Tom homesteaded this land and that is where all their children were born and where Tom died. Mary continued to live on the farm for many years after the death of Tom until a few years before her death when she moved near Gainesville. The farm was inundated by the back waters of Lake Bull Shoals. Mary was bedfast for the last five years of her life and lived with her daughter Brooksie, who cared for her for the rest of her life. Mary died September 1959 at the age of 89. All her children grew to adult hood except one, Edward, who died as a child. The children of Mary and Tom are: (A) Emma, born 1889 and married Silas Weston, son of Hiram Joseph and Martha (Todd) Weston at Sparta, Mo., 1910 and were the parents of 8 children. They live at Gainesville. The children of "Em" and "Si" are:(aa) Helen, married Jess Sadler 1932 in Oklahoma. This marriage is childless. They live in Oklahoma at this time. (bb) Kenneth, married Marcella Holt of Lutie, Mo., 1940. Divorced, their children were: Donald Lee, Hervil Dean, Willis Gene, Paul David and Harrold. Kenneth lives in Springfield. (cc) Olive, married 1.John Satterfield, son of Caleb Satterfield of Isabella. They had one daughter, Joyce, who married Huey White and lives at Wilburton, Oklahoma with their daughter Julia. Olive and John divorced, Olive married 2.Harvey Ackley and lives at Whiburton, Oklahoma. This marriage is childless. (dd) Elva, married Floyd "Jim Root" Swearingen, Son of George and Cora (Lusk) Swearingen. Jim is a brother of Elsie, who married Charlie Friend and Charlie is a cousin of Elva. They live at Thornfield, Missouri. Their children are Betty, who


married Joe Farnsworth and lives at Kansas City, Mo. (bbb)Ronald, Married Shirley Wallace, daughter of Grant Wallace and live at Thornfield with their son Rickey Dale. (Shirley is my third cousin.) (ccc) Linda, single and lives at home. (ddd) Patricia Ann, single and lives at home. (eee) Howard Dean, Known as "Bud" born 1924 and died 1947 in an auto accident near Ava, Missouri. "Bud" was never married. He is at rest in Lutie Cemetery. (fff) Archie Herbert, born 1927 and married Odell Long, daughter of Joe Long of Dugginsville, Mo. and lives at Wilbur- ton, Oklahoma where Archie is employed as a contractor. Their children are: Dennis, Lannie, Dephane and Archie Jr. (ggg) Joseph Steven, who died of diptheria while a young boy and is at rest in Lutie Cemetery. (hhh) Glennie Max, born 1932 at Dugginsville, is single and lives at Wilburton, Oklahoma.

(B) Mattie, born 1892 and died 1969. She married Jasper McGuire, son of Andrew and Margaret (Cutbirth) McGuire in 1907. They lived in Oklahoma. Jasper died in 1946 of a heart attack. Their children are: (AA) Viola, born 1908 and married William Batchelor, son of John Batchelor. William is deceased and Viola lives on a farm near Crescent, Oklahoma. Their children are: (aaa) Irving, born 1927 and married Louise Rutherford, daughter of Mary Rutherford. They have Charon, born 1949; Steve, born 1951; and Mary Lou born 1954. They live at Tacoma, Washington. (bbb) Donald, born 1929 and married Patricia Graff, daughter of Walter Graff. They live at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Their children are: Chris, born 1949 and Lou Ann born 1954. (ccc) Kenneth, born 1931 and married Polly Tontz, daughter of Morton Tontz, and live at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They have: Beth, born 1958 and another son age 6. (ddd) Robert A. Born 1940 is single. (BB) Essie, born 1910 and mar ried Joseph Douglas, son of Elgin Douglas. Joe was born 1909 and died 1968. They have: Donna A., born 1956 and Jay, born 1957. They live at Oklahoma City. (CC) Marie, born 1914, is single and lives in San Francisco. (DD) Emmett, born 1916, married Inez Campbell, daughter of Roy Campbell. Inez was born 1915. They have one daughter, Beverly Ann, born 1945 and married John Strong. They live at Guthrie, Oklahoma. (EE) Teddy, born 1926 and married Arlene Weldon, daughter of Fred Weldon of Crescent, Oklahoma. Arlene was born 1927 and they live at Crescent, Oklahoma. (FF) Opal, born 1918 and married Frank Murray, son of Henry and Armanda Murray. Frank was born 1910. They have: Mike, born 1951; Timmy, born 1954. They live at Palm Springs, California.

(C) Daizy, born 1899 and married Edward E. "Ted" Upton, son of Henry Edward and Elizabeth (Turnbo) Upton. They live at Gainesville, Missouri. Their children are: (aa) Paul, who died as an infant and is at rest at Haddam, Kansas. (bb) Reba, born 1923 and married 1. Mearl Holmes, son of Arthur and Celeste Holmes. Reba and Mearl had one daughter, Linda, who married Robert Lamphear and has Jay Stewart. They live in Kansas City, Kansas. Reba and Mearl divorced, and she married 2.Ramsey, divorced, Reba lives at Kansas City, Ks. (cc) Fern, born 1936, is single and lives at Independence, Mo.

(D)Lillie Susan, born 1897 and married Loranzo Dow Wallace, son of David Oliver and Martha Sallee Wallace. Dow was born 1899 and died 1968. Lillie lives at Springfield, Mo. Their children are: (aa) Elois Alene, who married Ocie Cole in 1939. Eloise was born 1920. They live at Springfield, Mo. "Short" is the son of Frand and Dora (Wolfe) Cole of Forsyth. They have one son, Gary Lee, born 1945. Gary is married to "Cookie" Carol Anderson and they have two daughters, Camie, born 1965 and Cherrie, born 1968. They also live at Springfield. (bb) Lloyd Javerell, born 1922 and married Vera Jones, daughter of Charlie and Clementine (Willhoit) Jones of Lutie, Mo. They live at Rockhill, Mo. Their children are: (aaa)Ronald Steven, born 1946 and married Aleta Spaulding of Hiawatha, Kansas in 1969. (bbb) Ronald Steven, born 1946. (ccc) Reginald Dean, born 1962. (CC) Geneva Fern, born 1926 and married Burl Pellham, son of Sam Pellham of Long- run, Mo. They live at Tacoma, Washington. Their children are: (aaa) Dale Eugene, born 1946. (bbb) Constance Josephine, born 1947 and married Charles Boyer and lives in Tacoma Washington. (ccc) Larry Duane, born 1948 and lives at home. (ddd) Dennis, born 1951 and lives at home. (eee) Carol, born 1953 and lives at home. (DD) Hervil, born 1923 and died a few months later. He is at rest at Igo Cemetery near Thornfield, Missouri. (EE) Bervil Eugene, born 1927 and married


Elinor Scott and they live at Roseburg, Oregon. They have: Roger, born 1926,
Debbie Sue, born 1963 and another daughter, born 1969. (FF) Billy Dean, born 1928 and married Opal Shadden, daughter of Floyd and Olga (Gaines) Shadden. They live at Topeka, Kansas. They have one daughter, Ruby Deana, born 1952.
(GG) Teddy Edwin, born 1930 and married no. 1 Billie Beyhmer and had one son.


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