Volume 3, Number 5 - Winter 1969

Welch Cemetery Records
by Don Wallace

Welch Cemetery is located one mile west of Highway 95 on Pond Fork Creek between Lorgrun and Thornfield in Ozark County. These are the records from the headstones.

Ed Adams March 7,1891, Bertha Adams b June 1, 1907-d May 24, 1944 (the above
were on same stone).

John Adams b May 15, 1871-d May 5, 1947, Liza Adams b May 20, 1875, (above was on same stone).

Charles, son of Jno. Adams b Mar. 9, 1904-d Nov. 30, 1933.

Lexie Waldo son of W. N. Welch b Nov. 15, 1913-d June 27, 1917.

Lowell Welch b Jan. 6, 1924-d Mar. 20, 1924.

Newt Welch b Jan. 24, 1877-d Feb. 2, 1886.

James P. Marrih Co. B 8th Prov. Eng. Mo. Military.

Father, Issac Adams b Nov. 1885-d Apr. 14, 1926, Mother, Mary E. wife of I. Adams July 12, 1920 (the above was on the same stone).

S. E. Husband of Emma Marrih b Dec. 17, 1867-d June 4, 1894.

David Marsh Co. I 46 Mo. Inf.

Marie Marsh daughter of S. P. Marsh b Jan 14, 1918-d Mar. 17, 1935.

Henbine Marsh, son of S. P. Marsh b May 3, 1909-d Mar. 28, 1933.

Berval Marsh son of J. P. Marsh b June 26, 1925-d Jan. 30-.

Myrtle Marsh son of S. P. Marsh Mar. 4, 1903-d Oct., 1903.

On a double stone the following two, Sam Marsh b May 2, 1882-d 1958, married December 21, 1902, Nola Marsh b Oct. 31, 1884-d July 10, 1925.

N. M. infant son of W. S. and A. O. Robertson 1897.

Issac Gray, Co. F Phelps Regiment 1889.

Summers Marsh b April 12, 1834-d May 5, 1898, Sinthy b Nov. 7, 1849-d April 26, 1927, (the above two were on a double stone).

S. N. Marsh (date too dim to read).

Walter Graves b Sept. 15, 1907-d Jan. 26, 1917.

Sam Peacock b Aug. 5, 1856-d Mar. 4, 1882, Mary Peacock b Oct. 28, 1853-d May 4, 1868 (the above two on same stone).

Alva Shockley b Jan. 4, 1881-d Nov. 7, 1956.

Betsy wife of F. Waken (or Walker) 1845-1892.

L. Jane Shockey, 1880-1951.

Dessie May Shockey b Nov. 3, 1912-d 1921.

Shockey Infant, 1911.

Sgt. Ben Welch 10 No. Calvary. B. F. Welch b Jan. 2, 1889-d July 2, 1920.

Cpl. Wm. E. Welch Co. I 46 Mo. Inf., 1843-1922.

Rebecca wife of W. E. Welch b Mar. 25, 1851-d May 19, 1926.

King D. Mahan Ozark Co. USRC Mo. Hg.

Clinton Welch b March 14, 1910-d July 12, 1917 son of W. P. Welch.

Warus (or Wanus) Welch b 1912-d 1917 son of W. P. Welch.

W. D. Welch (deceased 1966 no marker).


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