Volume 31, Number 3 - Spring 1992

By Kathleen Ban Buskirk

I hope we will be seeing many of you at the White River Valley Historical Society’s Annual Meeting on the second Sunday in June. Those of you who live nearby, or have had an opportunity to visit this region in the past few years have experienced the many changes going on here, particularly in Taney and Stone counties, but also in every county this Society encompasses. Many of those changes are generating apprehension and controversy, but there is also a feeling of excitement, and the realization that our ancestors’ dreams of "making a living in this beautiful place" may be blossoming into reality.

With that realization has come a strong movement to preserve and protect the natural Ozarks as much as possible, and in many localities about the area, the opinions of those concerned with preserving local history are being heard and heeded as well.

We are pleased that this past year has brought the Society renewed representation from Baxter, Marion, and Stone counties in Arkansas. There are exciting preservation projects underway all over the region, and we hope, with your help, to keep our members alerted to them all, knowing that some will be of interest to each of you.

For those who cannot attend the Annual Meeting June 14 at the Friendship House of the College of the Ozarks, please know we will be thinking of you. Remember also that in the White River Valley Historical Society June is dues-paying time. Your dues pay the costs of printing and mailing the Quarterly. The collection of materials and editing are accomplished by volunteers. Elsewhere in this issue you will find further information about membership dues. Why not send yours in today?

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