Volume 4, Number 11 - Spring 1973

Bessie Freeman Compiles Ball Cemetery Inscriptions

For the first time in the history of the 83 year-old Ball Cemetery at Dora a compilation of names on headstones has been completed. The work was done by Mrs. Bessie Freeman of Dora who writes the Crossroads items for the Ozark County Times.

The cemetery dates from Jan. 1, 1890, when William and Hannah Moody set aside four acres "to be used for school purposes and a burial ground." They received the sum of one dollar from the county to bind the transaction.

Later in 1968, Elish Grisham, formerly of Dora, now living in West Plains, donated an addtional acre. Grisham is the son of the late Mrs. Hannah Moody who with her husband gave the original land.

Mrs. Freeman says that the cemetery and school, where church services were also held, were named for a family of early settlers. Nothing is known of this Ball family though a search of land records is being made to see if the full names of the family may be learned.

The schoolhouse which was near the present church building was torn down in the late 1950’s after the Dora R-III consolidated school district was formed. The present church building was constructed in 1950 for the Ball Church of Christ congregation which had formerly met in the old schoolhouse.

The inscriptions on the grave markers compiled by Mrs. Freeman are given alphabetically:

Allcorn Infant, 1925-1925; Linda K. Allcorn, 1956-1956; Martha Bird, 1875-1907; Roy James Blair, 1913-1916; Math Bushong, 1878-1969; Sarah Bushong, 1881-1968; Charlie Click, 1867-____; Christena Click, 1872-1942; Elizabeth Click, 1874-1942; Georgie Click, 1891- 1919; Mary Click, 1871-1947; Thomas Click, 1871-1949; Alta Cobb, 1897-1969;

Ambrose Cobb, 1880-1945; Ben Cobb, 1888-1951; Cleo Cobb, 1880-1965; Dan Cobb, 1890-1964; Homer Cobb, 1892-1955; Mildred Cobb, 1914-1919; Margrete Coble, 1850-1936; Mary Coble, 1839-1909; Minnie Cole, 1881- 1907; Floyd Junior Collins, 1936-1963; Hetie Collins, no dates given; Michael Dean Collins,


1953-1968; Victor Wayne Collins, 1946-1963

Charlie Dutch, no dates; Kreed Easter, no dates; Jason Fields, no dates; Delbert Freeman, no dates; Luvada Freeman, 1888-1927; Darren Scott Grisham, 1969-1969; Mattie Grisham, 1891-1960; Clarence Gunter, 1904-1971; Dorotha Gunter ____-1922; Ethel Gunter ____-1926; Harley Gunter, 1933-1934; Mary Gunter, 1914-1925; Rilda Gunter, 1894-1959; Ronald Gunter, no dates; Verna Duff Gunter, 1939-1968; William Gunter, no dates; Willis Gunter, 1898-1968;

Bell Hale, 1883-1969; Franklin Hale, 1908-1909; Cormer Hall, no dates; Homer Hall, 1905- 1914; John Hall, 1862-1944; Johnny Hall, no dates; Linda Hall, no dates; Rachel Hall, 1872-1953; Renith Hall, 1903-1904; Sara Jane Hall, 1862-1938; Sherman Hall, 1857-1933; Three Hall Infants; Infant Twin Sons of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hambelton, 1970-1970; Janet Harris, no dates;

Alma Hammond, 1895-1935; Alice Hicks, 1890-1929; Amon Hill, 1915-1928; Doin Hill, 1911-1943; Eva Hill, 1888-1957; John Hill, 1887- 1947; Larry Dean Hill, 1939-1940; Lewis Hill, 1847-1899; Moss Hill,1907-1965; Walter Hill, 1875-1930; Henry Hisaw, 1855-1898; Joseph Hisaw, no dates; Mary Hisaw, 1851-1922; Robert Hisaw, no dates; Edna Holt, 1904-1910;

Armenda Jane Howard, 1883-1958; Avarilla Howard, 1865-1898;Harmond Howard, 1828-1906; Henry Howard, 1864-1954; Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Howard, no dates; Iola Howard, 1906-1966; James Howard, 1897-1971; Joseph Howard, 1898-1967; Martha Howard, 1874-1968; Howard Baby, no dates; Ralph Howard, 1938-1938; Rebecca Howard, 1969-1971; W. T. Howard, 1867-1938; Sarah Hunt, 1870-1960; Will Hunt, 1867-1935; Helen Imgram, 1919-1921;

David Lattion, 1947-1956; James Lewis, 1912-1924; Clyde Lovan, 1911-1969; Aubra Luna, 1959-1959; Charles Luna, 1948-1965; Homer Luna, 1903-1971; Nadine Luna, 1930- 1940; Nancy Luna, 1886-1971; Nora Luna, 1890- 1967; Sheldon Luna, 1886-1949; Tom Luna, 1873-1946; Ortha Lynn, 1901-1967;

Angeline Martin, 1891-1970; Everett Martin, 1894-1965; Martin Infant, no dates; James Martin, 1883-1909; Jim Martin, 1849- 1923; John W. Martin, 1872-1962; Lucinda Martin, 1853-1935; Nancy Martin, 1875-1918; Nerva Martin, no dates; Daniel McKinley, 1897- 1971; Delbert McKinley, 1927-1971; Glen McKinley, 1936-1936; Katy McKinley, 1847- 1929; Mary McKinley, 1857-1942; Maudie McKinley, 1895-1958; Peter McKinley, 1850- 1933.


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