Volume 5, Number 6 - Winter 1974-75

compiled by Viola B. Hicks


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Early history of the Hicks family began about 1775 - 200 years ago - as found in the Clay county, Kentucky, census of 1820. Clay County was organized in 1806 and Robert Hicks (Sr.) and wife Winifred Combs (Summers) were listed as already married and living in Kentucky Territory at that time. The 1820 census listed only heads of families -number of children - sex - approximate age - of each one. A California correspondent has dates for Robert Sr. (1738-1845). He has reason to believe that Mr. Hicks was born in North Carolina.

Winifred (Nancy) Combs was a daughter of Henry Harrison Combs, a proven descendant of John Combs and wife Margaret Archedale Combs, married in London, England, December 11, 1587. Margaret was the daughter of Thomas Archdale, a London merchant. Thomas was the son of John Archdale, whose genealogy is given on page 160, Genealogical Gleanings of England.

John and Margaret Combs came to the American colonies and to Virginia, on the ship, Marygold, 1619. (See Purse and Pursons, First Families of Virginia.)

Henry Harrison Combs was one of the eight sons of John Combs, who came from Virginia to Clay (Perry Co.) Kentucky before 1800. Henry Harrison Combs was a Patriot in the Revolutionary War. His brother Nicholas Combs was a Tory, and named his sons for English generals.

Descendants of this Combs family still live in Perry Co. Many distinguished people have descended from this family - governors, generals, admirals, etc. They own and operate a newspaper today, and welcome any geneology on the Combs family sent them. They have a family reunion each year. Many years ago, this group set up a scholarship for others, also they have many funds for worthy causes.

Robert Hicks, Sr. Married Winifred Combs (widow Summers) in Va., and came to that part of Ky. then Clay County, now Perry County, Ky. Winifred (Nancy) Combs (Summers) had that we find, by her first husband Summers, Mary Summers, who married George Stacy. Elizabeth Summers, who married John Cody. The Codys and Stacys came with the Robert Hicks Jrs. to Md., to Mo. The Stacys and Codys settled in Wright County, where some of their descendants still live.

Robert Hicks Sr. and Winifred Combs Hicks had children that I have proof:

James Hicks - married Hester Cox.

Mary Hicks - married Mr. Ingram. The Ingrains came with Robert Hicks Jr. They settled in Taney Co., Mo.

Sarah Hicks, married also in Clay Co., Ky.-Joshua Rippee.

Robert Hicks Jr. born Clay Co., Ky., 28 May 1804 - married Elizabeth Polley.

Frances Hicks, born Clay Co., Ky., -married George Rogers.

All the above came to Indiana and to Missouri. Robert Hicks, Sr. died October 8, 1845, in Ky. His wife, Winifred, preceeded him in death as when he sold property in Perry Co., Ky, no wife signed the deed.

Robert Hicks, Jr. and Elizabeth Polley Hicks’ children were:

Nancy Hicks, born 17 May, 1824, Ky., -married James McIntosh.

Frances Hicks, born 12 Feb, 1828, Ky., -married John Riley.

Jane W. Hicks, born 6 June, 1831, Indiana -married Dr. Charles R. Wilson.

Arthur Hicks, born 7 Dec., 1834 - Indiana.

Elizabeth Ellen Hicks - born 3 April, 1836, married Mr. Coats.

William Hicks, born 2 May, 1837, married Hester Cox.

John Harrison Hicks, born 7 May, 1838, Ozark Co., Mo. - married Anna Riley.

Isaac Hicks, born 14 Sept. 1841, Mo. His mother died at his birth.

Robert Hicks married second wife, Catherine Sweeton. She was a widow and had one son named John, who also went by the name of Hicks. Children of Robert and Catherine Hicks were: Julina, Mary, Mehalia, Winifred, Robert, Ledia.

Winifred’s father, Mr. Combs, was listed as an English sympathizer during the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. It seemed he was actually not against the American cause but - as a well to do person - he felt the cost of taxation on imports was not enough to fight a war over.


Because he didn’t actually go to war himself, the English decided he was for England and listed him thus. After the war, he was taken to court and there he proved that he hadn’t homesteaded a foot of land - either by squatter’s rights or otherwise. Since he was able to prove that he paid English money for all his land - he did not lose it.

1812 - During the war of 1812 - with the British, Robert Hicks, Sr. and a group of neighboring men decided to investigate governmental land that was being opened up for homesteading in Indiana. On their way they met with a company of American soldiers who stopped to talk with Robert and his friends. Robert was asked by the top ranking officer to write his name. At that time - so few of the settlers could read or write.

This time he should have played ignorant because when the officer found he was educated - he was immediately drafted into the service - was made an officer for the duration of the war.

1812 War - After the close of the war the entire Hicks family - composed of himself and wife Winifred - three of their children and their families - James - wife Rebecca Riley -Robert Junior - wife Elizabeth Polly - daughter Sarah - husband Josiah Rippee - joined a group of friends and moved to Indiana - Monroe County - about 1836-1838.

Sarah and Josiah had been married by a justice of the peace in Kentucky, but Robert, Sr. was not satisfied with this ceremony so-he being a minister - remarried them when they reached Indiana.

It was in the early 1840’s when James and Robert Hicks Jr. and families moved to the Missouri Ozarks. Ozark County was first organized in 1841 - a vast area composed of what is now Ozark and Douglas Counties and a large part of western Howell County.

In 1857 - Douglas County was organized and a strip off the eastern side of Ozark County put with what is now Howell County. When the area was divided the Hicks families’ holdings and interests happened to be in the eastern part of Douglas County. Robert Hicks, Jr. served several terms in the Missouri Legislature - first before reorganization and also in Douglas County after reorganization. He died of pneumonia in Jefferson City while attending a session there on February 22, 1863, and due to the fierce fighting in most of the border states - in the Civil War between the north and the south - it was weeks before a messenger could safely get thru to deliver the news of his death and his horse and personal belongings to his family in Douglas County.

History tells of the battles in most of the border states on either side of the "Mason-Dixon" line - in fact, most of the border states were actually battlegrounds - as anyone who lived near at that time could tell us. We do not know if Robert Hicks. Sr. ever came to Missouri - he died in 1845, probably in Indiana. A later census (Indiana) mentioned his wife Winifred’s name.

James and Rebecca are buried in the

Yates cemetery in eastern Douglas county. A list of their children follows: Richard Riley - Elmie - Franky - Dorcas - Leander - Mediar - Isaac - Robert (a girl, Ellen in the list is believed to be wife of the last named Robert). A story of an interesting happening about *Thomas Robert Hicks - a grandson of *Robert Hicks, Jr. I think it really belongs here.

On a hot summer day in 1951, I went with my husband’s folks - Father Thomas - Mother Laura - brother Vernie and sister Hattie - to Columbia, Missouri, taking the elder Hicks to the Ellis Fischer Hospital there for a check-up. (cancer suspected)

Late in the afternoon - returning home we drove thru Jefferson City. Father Hicks asked Vernie if he knew how to find the c6metery where his grandfather was buried. Vernie said he could find it. Father Hicks replied - in a muffled voice - "Here I am - 85 years old and I have never been able to visit my grandfather’s grave."

When we arrived near the cemetery it was on the opposite side of the street - with two lanes of hurrying traffic - people rushing homeward from their places of work - it was that time of day when everyone concerned was tired and in a hurry. The elder Hicks couple also were tired. Vernie attracted the attention of the traffic cop on duty and told him our worry. The cop said "Well, we'll remedy that." He held the traffic - explained to them that an 85 year old man wanted across the street so he could visit his grandfather’s grave for the first time. They waved to him as we reached the other side of the street and up the lane to the cemetery. When we reached the grave, Father Thomas knelt down to better see what was written on the slab of concrete that


completely covered the entire grave. He felt with his fingers the letters as follows:

"Sacred to the memory of Robert Hicks - late representative of Douglas and Ozark Counties. Died February 22, 1863. Age 58 years."


Arthur Monroe Hicks, born 1833, died 1872, married Hester Coiston of Florida - her people originally came from Denmark. Arthur was a son of *Robert Hicks, Jr. and wife Elizabeth Polly. Arthur and Hester had two children - a daughter Catherine Florida - born 1861 - died 1951 - and a son John - who died at about the age of 6 years. Florida married George Hutchinson June 25, 1884. They had two daughters, Molly (1887-1965), whose husband was Andrew Proctor. They had a family but I have no list. Minnie - husband Thomas Lakey - they had a daughter Vivian Lorene - born December 26, 1928, and a son George Vernon - born June 21, 1931. They both have families but no list here. Mr. Hutchinson died November 1, 1936. Mr. Lakey’s life years -born January 17, 1895 - died November 19, 1951. Hester died when young. John was two weeks old. Some time later Arthur married a widow who had a family of children by her first husband - Nathan Herndon - who was killed during the Civil War. To Arthur and Mary Jane Todd Herndon were born two sons -Thomas Robert and Arthur Franklin. A. F. never married, but served in the Spanish American War. Thomas Robert’s lists will be given later. A. F.’s life years: 1869-1915.


[Blood Kin]

This is a narrative in the lives of two very dear people. They are listed in this history -and touched our lives in a wonderful way.

Thomas Robert Hicks and Florida Hicks Hutchinson were half brother and sister - each born in a separate family but they had the same father.

Florida’s mother died and after a time her father - Arthur Monroe Hicks - married Mary Jane Todd Herndon - widow with several children. They became the parents of two boys - Thomas Robert and Arthur Franklin Hicks. Years rolled by - both Thomas and Florida grew to maturity - married and had families of their own. In fact they were both grandparents several times before they found and got re-acquainted with each other.

Now - the odd part of this story is that down thru the years they lived in adjoining counties - Ozark and Douglas - but then folks didn’t travel very far by horseback or wagon -chores at home anyway!

It wasn’t that Thomas didn’t wonder and worry about his sister - in fact they did have news by letter a few times through the years.

One day Thomas mentioned to one of his sons that he would like to visit Florida some day. The son said "Dad - why don’t we just go over into East Douglas County and look her up?"

Results of that visit? Florida (against protests by her two daughters that she was too old to move and live alone among strangers) decided to take a few personal things for light housekeeping - moved to Ozark County. She lived a year in a small one-room house in our yard at the Y Store - Wasola, Mo. She didn’t want to bother anyone and didn’t want anyone to worry about her. She just wanted to be near where she could visit with "Tom and his family" before time ran out for one of them.

Needless to say - all our families grew very fond of Aunt Florida during that year. She was about 5 years older then Father Thomas -they both were in the 80’s - also Mother Laura was elderly too.

All are gone now, but the memory of their belated kinship association is a very pleasant one, indeed.



*Mary Jane Todd was born March 11, 1832, in Kentucky - she died in Missouri - March 19, 1914, and is buried in the Herndon Cemetery near Almartha, Ozark County, Missouri.

She was married to Nathan Herndon, son of George and Hannah Cox Herndon.

*Nathan’s life years were 1828-1864. He was killed during the Civil War by a group of "bushwhackers" - outlaws who belonged to neither side - north or south. Nathan served in Captain Martaindale’s company of Ozark County Home Guard.

Seven children were born to them -Hannah Mary - 1849-1939; Sarah Jane, born


1851; Milton - 1853-1863; Synthia - 1858-1863; F. M. (Marion) - 1855- 1932; A. L. (Abner) 1869-1884; Choley - 1863-1885. A list of the children’s families (those who grew to maturity and had families) will be listed elsewhere in this history.

Mary Jane’s second husband and family are listed with the Hicks ancestors. Late in life, Mary Jane Todd Herndon Hicks married a third husband, Richard Thompson. We know very little about his life or family. She outlived him several years. The Hicks children always referred to him as "Uncle Dick". Later information: Richard N. Thompson (listed under John Wesley Thompson’s family.)


Heads of the following families are half brothers and sisters (with their marriage companions) to Thomas Robert Hicks and Arthur Franklin Hicks. They had the same mother.

The Thompsons

Hannah Mary Herndon (1849-1939) was married to John Wesley Thompson (1844-1931) on June 14, 1866. Their 11 children - two of them died young - Columbus M. (1872-1909) - Barney (1 892-1 8931 - Mary Eveline (1 867-1 889) - husband Hiram Bruce Prock (1861-1943) - their children (2) a son Neal - married Elma Shelton - 6 children - Verna - Alfred - Alvie - Wayne -

John Gerald - Ralph.

Their daughter Elsie - husband’s surname - Ireland. No other information here. Julia’s years (1869-1933) - her husband Justus Stewart (1851-1942) their children (5) Hernie (1893-1919) - Etna - Edith - Elva - and Buel.

John and Edith Stewart Fish Family

Daughter Gwendolin - husband Vein Harmon. Their children - daughter Sandra -son Douglas.

Julia - husband Lorris Herren. Children -Carol - Carla.

Charles Fish - wife Arletta. Children Craig - Kirk - Karyn.

Lavernn - husband Jim Jones. Children -Janie - Debra.

Ervan - wife Eunice. Children Randy -Jolene.

Evelyn - husband Stanford Richert. Children - Stacy - Stan. John Fish, Jr.

Eliza Jane (1874-1953) - her husband John Snelson. Their children (12) Mayme - Lester -Ethel - Ona - Oral - Neal - Herman - Hazel - the twins Fred and Frank. Also a daughter Bessie died in childhood and an infant - Arthur.

Homer (1877-1961) - wife Nancy Daniel. One daughter born to them, Irene. She married Louis Wilson and they had one son, Lowell. I understand Lowell and wife have some children. Irene’s present husband is Ralph Fox.

Viola Berta - (1880-1962) - first husband was John Denney. They had a daughter Floy. Floy married and had some children - I have no list. Viola Berta’s second husband was Alvey Smedley. One son, Ralph. Mr. Smedley had a family by a former wife.

Willis Rexford - (1883-1970). On June 1, 1933, he married Freeda Kathryn Smith, of Mount Vernon, Missouri. Her birthdate is July 4. 1903. Their daughter Hannah Elizabeth was born September 5, 1934. Hannah and husband Quincy Lamar Baird adopted four children -Tamara Lynn - born February 3, 1961; Phillip Andrew - born September 1, 1962; Suzanne Marie - born January 29, 1965; Kenneth Alan -born December 29, 1967.

Sarah Elizabeth (1886-1970) - husband Rev. S. W. Scott (1880-1945.) One daughter, Roxie. Roxie’s first husband was Russell Smith. He was killed in a car wreck when their son T. A. was just a baby. Roxie’s second husband was Perry Isham. They had five or six sons.

Roy - born 1889. His first wife was Jessie Lightener. A child died in infancy. Roy’s second wife was Mabel Ott. They have no children, but Mabel had a daughter by a former marriage.

McKinley Hobart (1896-1968) - His wife Myrtle Olsen, of California. They adopted a baby girl, Martha Ann, who was born January 16, 1937. She married John Burton, of Modesto, California. They have three boys - Dan, 15 -Douglas, 13 - David, 10. These dates are approximate dates by my informer.

The Cross Family

Sarah Herndon Cross (1851-19101 - her husband was Nathan William Cross (died


1911). Two sons. Willie died while still a youth.

Verulus Wash (V.W.) married Ruth McGuire (1895-1971). They had two sons, Carl and James - two daughters, Priscilla and Virginia. Carl was killed in a car wreck still a youth. Their father, Verulus (V. Cross) was a railroad engineer many years for the Frisco railroad.

Sarah Herndon Cross’s second husband was Mr. W. H. Hicks (1860-1910).

F. M. Herndon (Marion) (1855-1932) - his wife Nancy (Nan) (1852-1937). Two sons were born to them - Otis - wife Ella Murphy -daughter of Peter and Martha Murphy of Almartha, Missouri. Otis’s life dates - 1882-1963. Otis and Ella’s children - Olif - Edwin -Rose - Dale - Clayton - and Lowell. Marion and Nan’s second son was B. Nona, married Bessie Applegate. They lived in Colorado most of the years. I have no list for their family.

Marion and Nan also had a foster daughter Beulah - she married and moved away. I have no further information here.


Lon’s parents were Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Herndon. Jane’s parents were Mr. and Mrs.

James Gaston - James Gaston, born 1839, Miss. Married Mary E. Robison.


Alonzo Herndon, born November 8, 1866, and was married to Margaret Jane Gaston, born May 19, 1866, on December 23, 1886. Children born to this union were Larry C. Herndon, born September 30, 1887, Roy V. Herudon, born May 1, 1889, Ora Herndon, born February 22, 1891, Burney B. Herndon, born March 13, 1898, Glen A. Herndon, born February 25, 1904.

Burney B. Herndon was married to Edith W. Wallace on August 4, 1923. Born to this couple were Emily Jane, December 27, 1924, and Ora Lee, born August 24, 1927.

Larry C. Herndon was married to Pearl Swift on March 6, 1924.

Roy V. Herndon was married to Grace McCalaster on June 7, 1924.

Glen A. Herndon was married to Florence Bragg February 25, 1925.

Glen A. Herndon was married to Florence Bragg February 25, 1925.


Ora Herndon died August 11, 1925.

Burney B. Herndon died January 2, 1939.

Margaret J. Herndon died April 29, 1939.

Alonzo Herndon died March 1, 1941.

Roy V. Herndon died May 26, 1955.

Florence Bragg Herndon died December 26, 1965.

June, 1973 - Emily Jane and Freeman Miller are now grandparents. Their daughter Yvonne and her husband (a Mr. Terry) have a new baby boy named Joshua Glenn.


Nathan’s father was George Herndon (1 795-1 874) - mother Hannah Cox. Nine children were born to them. Margaret -husband Anthony Williams, Jane - husband Joseph Williams. *Nathan - wife Mary Jane Todd (family list later.) Mary - husband William H. Piland. Minerva - husband Sam Stone. William - the family lost track of him. Henry W. - died in Ozark County. Isaiah was killed in Webster county. Steven C. - born 1821, died 1897. He married Phoebe Fredrick. Her life dates - 1821-1862. They were married in 1843. They had eight children.

Steven and Phoebe’s children: (8) - William - Rev. George (1849-1926) James W. - Phillip - Susannah - husband James McCracken - Hannah - husband James McGowan - Lucretia - husband Sam Williams of West Plains - Rebecca - husband John Davis.

Steven’s second wife was Lucinda McGowan Philpott. They were married in 1863. Her life dates were 1831-1912. Steven, Phoebe, and Lucinda are all three buried in Herndon Cemetery near their farm.

Steven and Lucinda had five children - Melissa - husband John Piland - (Melissa Herndon and John Piland were married in Aye, Douglas County, by a justice of the Peace - February 12, 1885.) Delilah - husband Thomas A. Kay - Alonzo - wife Jane Gaston - Nellie - husband Stonewall Frazier - Joan - husband John Eddings. Lists elsewhere.

Nathan’s Father and Ancestors

George Herndon - born 1795 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Died October 5, 1874. Served in War of 1812 in 49th Regt. of Virginia. He was a cooper by trade. He married Hannah Cox in Tennessee and con-


tinued to live there until after the birth of their children; then moved to Hopkins County, Kentucky; next to Piland’s Store, Ozark County, Missouri.

George’s parents: Reuben Herndon, born September 25, 1765, in Goochland County, Virginia, and died in 1855 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. He married Hannah Long, daughter of Edward and Jane Long, on November 27, 1792. They lived in same county until 1819 when they moved to Henry County, Virginia. Hannah Long Herndon died about 1850 and Reuben moved back to Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Parents of Reuben Herndon: Joseph Herndon - born 1739 - probably in Caroline County, Virginia. Was married twice - first to Polly Elliott, secondly in Fluvanna County on April 7, 1784, to Susanna Haislip. She was still living as late as 1834. Joseph Herndon died about 1810. By the terms of his will he left a small bequest to each of his twenty surviving children.

Parents of Joseph Herndon: William Herndon (1706-1783). Second son of Edward and Mary Waller Herndon. Married Ann Drysdale, daughter of Col. Hugh Drysdale - Lt. Governor of Virginia from 1722-1726. They were parents of eight children.

Parents of William Herndon: Edward Herndon, born 1678, New Kent County, Virginia. Died before March, 1758. Married to Mary Wailer in 1698. After her death he married {?) Leftwich. He was the father of 12 children.

Parents of Edward Herndon: William Herndon, 1648-1722. Married Catherine Digges in 1677 - daughter of Edward Digges who was governor of Virginia in 1655.

Earliest official records show William Herndon in America in February, 1673, but patents for land for the number of people transported by him would have required several months.


Ancestors came from Scotland in 1763, and settled in Kentucky Territory. One date showed ancestors to Glasgow, Scotland, in 1693, or 1694. We have record of three brothers - William A. - Richard N. - and Willis Thompson. Willis was J. W. Thompson’s father.

Richard N. Thompson married Mary Jane Todd Herndon Hicks, who was mother of Thomas - Robert - and Arthur Franklin Hicks. He (Richard) was her third husband. On another page, we find that John Wesley Thompson married Hannah Herndon. Hannah was Mary Jane Todd’s daughter by her first husband, Nathan Herndon. William A. Thompson was a spiritualist, which was rather new thoughts to the early settlers of the midwest.

The Willis Thompson family settled in Kentucky in 1763. One of the other brothers moved to Tennessee and the third moved to Ohio.


*Thomas Robert Hicks (1866-1961) and Laura Louise Eddings - (1 872-1 961) were married December 10, 1893. Thomas Robert was the son of *Arthur Monroe Hicks and his wife - Mary Jane Todd Herndon. Laura was the daughter of Bailey Eddings and his wife, Mary Polly Lee.

Eight children were born to them - 6 boys and 2 girls. Clyde Herman - Clarence Earl -Lettie - John Franklin Elza - Fred Bin - Hattie Jane - Jessie Vernie - Leamon Glenn. Individual family lists will be given later.

Laura and Thomas raised their large family at a time in years - after the war between the States was beginning to level off -some of the terrible effects and results - the bitterness and the financial hurdles to surmount - neighbors everywhere suffered from all these aftereffects. They raised their entire brood to manhood and womanhood - each with a family of their own. The elder Hicks parents lived together from dates - December 1893 to February, 1961. Mother Hicks died February 18,1961. He died April 11, 1961 - a period of 67 years and about 2 months. She was 88 and he 94 years of age.


Hicks - Beasley

Clyde Herman Hicks, born October 9, 1894, died February 10, 1955, and Delpha Ann


Beasley, born December 22, 1895, were married May 16, 1916. Their children:

Basil Virgil Hicks - born July 13, 1917.

Ernestine Hicks - born May 5, 1919.

Herman Wayne Hicks - born September 18, 1921.

Erma Lee Hicks - born May 16, 1927.

Roy Wiley Hicks - born December 23, 1928.

Doin Edwin Hicks - born November 11, 1932.

Basil Virgil Jr. - born June 21, 1944.

Olivia Ann - born May 16, 1946.

John Drennen - born April 6, 1950.

Clyde Dale - born March 15, 1954.

Ernestine and her husband Robert Harrison were married October 11, 1942. Robert’s birth date - May 19, 1918. Thomas Robert Harrison (adopted son). His birth date - April 14, 1954.

Herman Wayne and Mary Elizabeth

Norman (Betty) were married August 7, 1943.

Mary Elizabeth’s birthdate is January 14, 1925.

Their daughter Karen Jean born April 3, 1949. Erma Lee and Kenneth Montie Parsons

were married December 3, 1945. Kenneth’s birthdate - January 8, 1924. Their children:

Montie Michael - born August 3, 1946.

Judy Ellen - born January 5, 1948.

Patrick Allan - born July 12, 1949.

Edith Ann - born September 1, 1950.

Katherine Lea - born December 10, 1952.

Stephen Kenneth - barn August 17, 1957.

David Austin - born September 26, 1959.

Racheal Lynne, born July 20, 1961.

James Christopher - born December 23, 1962.

Joseph Leif - born February 22, 1965.

Roy Wiley Hicks married Maxine Sharp July 22, 1951. Maxine’s birthdate is May 12, 1931. Their children (2):

Biram Clyde - born September 2, 1954. Melessa Maxine - born April 26, 1957.

Doin Edwin and Wanda Lynn McClung were married August 29, 1954. Their daughter - Janet Elaine - was born January 5, 1958.

Hey - does anyone remember the canning factory at the Clyde and Deipha farm during the depression years?! Plenty of work there, believe you me! Those were the years between World War I, World War II, and after. Just to make things harder - we had several dry seasons all in a row - dried up crops and pastures. Most of us had children to feed, clothe, and educate. Whew! Those were busy but precious years!


Father - Robert Wiley Beasley - 1871-1961 -and Mother - Etta Ann Harris - 1877-1958. A brother Doin - married but no other record here. A sister Dosha - husband Clair Cropper. No children. Dosha’s life years 1902-1967. Clair later married Irene Beach Mason, daughter of Frank and Daralee Beach of Souder. No children in either marriage.

VBH - Just a memory here. I remember a time Clarence and I visited Clyde and Delpha in their home. Their son Basil and our daughter Elsie were just babies - it was a bitter cold night and their home was just a shack they lived in while he taught the rural school there. Elsie Lee took the croup and none of us slept very much that night. By the morning we (C. E. and I) were on our way back to his parents’ home. Two small wood stoves just would not - could not - beat back the cold.

Results - Elsie Lee bordered pneumonia. After we made her more comfortable at the elder Hicks home - she fell asleep. She slept so long that Mother Laura - Clarence and I (Viola) started worrying. Father Thomas said "Let me hold that baby." He checked her breathing, her pulse, and looked in her mouth - saw the tongue cleaved to the roof of her mouth. He said "When I get to sleeping that sound, just leave me alone."


*Clarence Earl Hicks - born January 28, 1896 - died August 28, 1969. Viola Byerley -born January 20, 1892. They were married July 3, 1915 by Reverend Samuel H. Daniel of Wasola, Missouri. (a bit of humor here.) According to plans - on the morning of July 3, 1915, we met Brother Sam and his small daughter Mellie with his wagon and team on his way to the mill at Rockbridge, Missouri. Rockbridge was 12 miles away - quite a trip for a team - considering the waiting time at the mill for them to get the bread stuffs ground. It was about 6:00 a.m. (We didn’t have DST at


that time.) Clarence, his sister Lettie, my sister Hallie, and I were on our way to an area picnic at Squires, Mo. - not that we were in such a hurry, but the preacher was.

Both rigs were driven to the side of the road and there - the ceremony took place -among beautiful trees and birds singing. It was a gorgeous setting - the sun peeking over the hillside - a country road, stretching thru the valley - no bouquets - no finery - just simple exchange of vows and an earnest prayer by our friend the minister. Each party went their way.

C. E. and I each had a rural school to teach that fall, but of course contracts were seldom signed until the first day of school. I had overheard one member of my board say he did not want to hire a married woman as teacher. (How times do change.) So - knowing this - we decided to keep our marriage a secret for a few weeks at least. Now, you guessed it, the secret didn’t keep very long - about three weeks - but the fellows signed without protest. Ha.

Six children were born to this union:

Charles Byron - born December 16, 1916, died December 19, 1916. Born on a homestead in Custer County, Montana. World War I was in its early stages - C. E. had to register and we were pretty sure he would have to go into service so we went back to Missouri. We buried our first born (who lived only 3 days) in a cemetery near Miles City, Montana.

Elsie Lee was born November 29, 1917, in her Hicks grandparents’ home, on Thanksgiving day in the Ozarks. Their address was Silverton, Missouri, but this post office has been discontinued and the address is now Wasola, Missouri, Ozark County.

Robert Earl Hicks was born November 19, 1919, in his parents’ home in Springfield, Missouri, Greene County. C. E. was a freight car carpenter for the Frisco at that time and when the rail strike came on in 1923 most of the workers went on strike. After several months, many of them had to move on to get jobs to feed their families. A group of C. E.’s buddies and he went to Gary, Indiana, where new work was needed, so we moved there. We lived near Hammond, Indiana.

On June 18, 1924, Marian Joy was born. We called her our little "Hoosier gal". We

came back to the Ozarks in September, 1924, and bought my parents’ old homestead farm where we lived until 1928. (Alinartha, Missouri]

Ruth Aleen was born there on April 10, 1926. The summer of 1928 was discouraged by drought, etc. We bought a 40 acre tract fronting on the then new #5 highway, where we raised chickens and in September, 1928, moved into our first general merchandise store.

On January 19, 1935, Norman Frank was born - address being Wasola, Missouri, where we stayed until July, 1969.


Elsie Lee Hicks and Paul Cudworth were married May 21, 1939, in her parents’ home -Wasola, Missouri. The minister was Reverend Samuel H. Daniel, of Wasola, Missouri.

This was the first special occasion -wedding or otherwise - performed in our new "Y Store" - store and home combined. The building was made of native stone. After our first store and home burned on December 21, 1938, we built again on the same spot. On May 1, 1939, we moved into the building.

During the building process, it became the in" thing for each worker or visiting neighbor to bring a special rock (their choice) to be fitted into the building. Father Thomas Robert Hicks brought a large basin-shaped rock from their homestead farm. He explained that his mother used to salt the cattle in this basin when he was a boy.

Paul’s birth date - May 4, 1913. Three daughters - Ava Lynn - born April 24, 1943, Paula Jean - born July 21, 1947, Myra Lee - born April 9, 1951, and a son, Arthur Frank - born April 29, 1946. He didn’t live - he was the only boy born in the Cudworth family groups, with the Cudworth name to carry on the name.

On May 30, 1965, Ava Lynn Cudworth and Merl Dean Hinegardner were married in Stone Chapel at Drury College. Ava graduated from Drury about 2:30 p.m. and the wedding ceremony took place at 6:30 p.m. - Dr. Allan Eikner, head of Religious Education at Drury, performed the ceremony. The couple’s friend -John Mizell - Dean of Music at The School of the Ozarks and Ava’s roommate, Miss Sharon


Alexander, were in charge of the music. The reception was held in the home of Amos and Joy Ledbetter, Ava’s uncle and aunt. A son, Eric Cudworth, was born on December 29, 1969. Eric C. is Paul and Elsie’s first grandchild. Dean’s birthdate - November 16, 1942.

Paula Jean and Wayne Gayer were married in the Ava General Baptist Church on August 17, 1968. Their minister was Reverend Roy W. Hicks, of Amory, Mississippi. Roy is Elsie’s cousin. The wedding ceremony and also the music was composed and written by the Cudworth girls. (3). The reception was held in the Cudworth home. Wayne’s birthdate - June 18, 1944.

Myra is presently attending SMS, majoring in art as of this date - 1972.


Wayne’s Family

Wayne’s father and mother - Richard and Ruby Walker Gayer, of Everton, Missouri - 2 brothers - Jerry and Melvin Gayer. Ruby Gayer died November 6, 1973.

Paul’s Family

Father - Arthur Orsin Cudworth - fifth child to live - who were born to Edgar Eugene and Louise Conley Cudworth. He was born near Twin Bridges, Missouri, on April 27, 1878, and died January 18, 1925.

Minerva Lee Inman was born September 12, 1881. She and Arthur Orsin Cudworth were married December 4, 1902. Minerva died January 27, 1962. Children born to them:

Homer E. - died June 25, 1956. Omer Guy - died 1955.

Hester - husband Wess Hamby - several children.

Mae - husband Mr. Bunyard - 2 sons - Howard and Bobby. Mae died September 27, 1971.

Frank - killed, presumably on Battan during World War II.


On February 16, 1941, *Robert Earl Hicks, born November 19, 1919, and Eva Davenport, born June 18, 1919, were married at Wasola, Ozark County, Missouri. The minister? Yes - he

was "Marryin’ Sam" of Wasola, Missouri. VBH - note here - Brother Sam married C. E. and Viola in 1915 - married Paul and Elsie in 1939, and now Robert and Eva in 1941. Sam married so many couples (they came from far and near) that he acquired the name "Marryin’ Sam". He delighted in this fact -often remarked that he tied the knot so tight that few ever broke it. This proved true in our family thus far - three weddings and today -1972 - only one knot untied and that by the death of C. E. on August 28, 1969.

Robert Earl served in the U.S. Navy about two years - came out with a medical discharge

- World War II. Two children were born to them - Treena Joan - born November 26, 1941 -in Wasola, Mo. Robert taught the rural school there that year - 1941-42.

Treena married Lewis Pappas, originally from Greece - in Texas - USA. They were married by a justice of the peace in Richmond, Texas. Treena gave me the following information - Elias Papakonstantinou - Lewis Pappas - born September 8, 1939. Place -Stavrodromiom - Arkadias, Greece. His father is John Lewis Papakonstantinou and his mother is Panayota (Peggy) Papakonstantinou. Lewis received his U.S. citizenship papers November 11, 1969. He and Treena were married on Monday, March 29, 1965. Their daughter, Amber Elaine, (christened Panayota) was born February 7, 1966, in Houston, Texas.

When Treena told me about her wedding, she added, - "We drove to Richmond and were married - then returned to Houston - stopped in a restaurant for a piece of white wedding cake (we called it that), bought our rings - then drove off for a one-day honeymoon. We both had jobs - no more time off."

Treena’s second husband is Vernon Eblin, born February 12, 1947. They were married October 19, 1973. Vernon has a daughter, Christine, by a previous marriage. Vernon’s father is from Ohio, and was born in January,________ . His mother is Mary Eblin, born March 19, 1930. Her second husband’s name was Roy McCormick (5-10-1917 - 11-14-1973).

*Terry Robert was born in Springfield, Missouri - Baptist Hospital - March 15, 1946. On August 29, 1967, Terry Robert and Sherry Wood were married in a little church in her hometown - Uniontown, Kansas. It was a lovely


formal affair - a mountain of gifts of about every imaginable use - looked like half of the town population was there. Sherry’s birthdate is September 24, 1947. On August 9, 1972, a daughter Kristin Michelle was born to them.

Please note here - thus far in this project - Hicks lineage - we have seven generations of Hicks males and Terry Robert is the seventh. Five of these have the name "Robert" as a part

of their name. VBH


Eva’s Father’s Family

Louis Hampton, from Tennessee, (1846-1920), (buried in old part of Ava cemetery) - his wife - Millie Eslick Hampton (1856-1942), (buried in Fannen graveyard). Their children:

Jim Joe Hampton (4-15-1879 - 4- 10-1955), his wife Molley (both buried at Forest Lawn. Lawn Dale, California) - their children Carrie (deceased) - Merle - Lou - Artie. All have families - (no names.)

Artie Hampton (12-27-1882 - 6-1956) - her husband Charles Edward Moorehouse (2-1884 -11-1956) - their children: Blanche (9-11-1910) married to Bob Dryer with children Charles, Martha Jane, and Jean Margarite - Clarence Moorehouse (born 3-17-09, died 6-1959) married Ethel Hughes and they had one daughter Joreen.

Grant Hampton (11-25-1887 - 10-18-1961) married to Ina________

Eva Hampton - her first husband Flem Reynolds. Second husband Charley Hembree. Third husband Jack Steeples. Children?

Nancy Anna Frances (2-3-1877 - 12-21-1954) married Louis Davenport. (first husband). Their children:

Louis D. Davenport (1893-1949) - his first wife Amy Reynolds (7-9-1896 - 2-15-1929). (Eva Davenport Hicks’ father)

Luna Madeline Davenport (8-12-1915) married Leonard Lloyd Privett July 5, 1930. Leonard’s birth date is June 4, 1910. Their children:

Buddy O’Neal Privett, born January 4, 1932 - married to Norma Jean , with children Michael (adopted), Patricia, Susanne, Russell Wayne.

Twin daughters: Wanda Jean (6-21-1933) -married Clifford Dickinson - their children: Stephen Leon (12-3-1952), Daniel Allen (9-30-1953). Second husband Carrol Henery, no children. Third husband Gayle Hall - born to them Debbie Sue Henery (9-26-69).

(Twin) Juanita Jeanenne (6-21-33) - married Carl Henslee (9-3-34) - their daughter Tawanna Kay (11-29-54) married Leonard Cropper and they have a daughter Michelle Lynn (6-14-73). Carla Joe Henslee was born May 5, 1959.

Ronald Lloyd was born January 27, 1936. He married Sue Dickinson. Their children: Kenneth Lloyd (5-31-1959), Kathaline (1-28-62), Rhonda Sue (8-29-63). Ronald’s second wife is Jeanie

Jimmy Del (1-14-63) - married Linda Mitchell. Their children: Timothy, Tammy, and another daughter. Jimmy’s second wife is Patricia Dinkey (12-14-48). They have a son Bradley Allen, born (9-30-69).

Howard Lee Privett (January 15, 1943) - Married Sue Davis - no children. Second wife Betty Walters - a daughter Marsha Kay - (7-30- 68). Betty had two sons when married - Gene (6-14-63) and Jeff (3-27-66).

Janet Louise Privett (2-1 7-46) - first husband Ronald Mayfield, who died in a wreck 4-27-69. They had two daughters, Veronica Jean (10-30-63) and Victoria Illene (10-28-64). Her second husband is Darrell Cline (1-27-40). They have two children: Sherrel Renay (5-25-67) and Bruce (1-11-69).

Tony Lynn Privett (8-27-49) - married Glenda May Shaw 3-22-54. They have a daughter Tammy Lynn (12-12-71).

Nancy Ann Privett (3-1 5-54) (born on Terry Hicks’ birthday) - married to Gene Austin McGee 12-13-51. On 1-17-73, he was accidentally shot.

David Keith Privett (2-22-56).

(Louis and Amy Reynolds Davenport family, continued)

Eva Aretta Davenport (6-18-19) born at Ava, Missouri. She married Robert Earl Hicks, born at Springfield, Mo. (11-19-19). They were married on February 16, 1941. Their children:

Treena Joan, born 11-26-41, first married to Louis Pappas (Papakonstantinou) - their daughter Amber Elaine (christened name Panayota) was born February 7, 1966. Treena’s second husband is Vernon Eblin (2-12-47). They were married 10-19-73. He has a daughter by a previous marriage - Christine (2-12-70). Terry Robert Hicks was born to Eva and Robert Hicks on 3-1 5-46. On 8-27-67, he married Sherry June Wood (9-24-47) and they


have a daughter Kristin Michelle (5-9-72).

Howard Davenport was born March 23, 1924.

Note: Louis Davenport’s second wife was Maxine Privett (sister of Leonard Privett, married to Luna Davenport). They have a son, Larry Duane Davenport, who is married to Nadine - their children: Casey, Steven, Christy.

Louis’s third wife Ida Singleton (1892-1969) - she had a son by a previous marriage -Boyd Robertson. No names here.

Nancy Anna Frances Hampton’s Family [continued]

A son - Cash William Hampton - married to Eula _________

Nancy Anna Frances married M. Lee Roy Estes (5-29-1881 - 1-31-1966). Their children - a son Evy Estes (9-17-1907- 3-6.1971) married Leona (deceased 12-24-1957). Their children are Bonnie - 1931, Norma Jean - 1929, Ronnie - 1936.

A son Orel Estes (3-5-1911) married Nan_______(born 1-15-1911). They have a son, Joe, (4-24-1937) who has a wife and children.

A daughter Goldie Mae Estes (6-4-1913 - 5-10-1945) - her husband Carl Daniels (lives in Locust Grove, Oklahoma).


Information on husband of Luna Davenport Privett


Benjamin Harrison Privett (4-23-1889 - 6-21 -1 954) - married Alpha Omega Bradshaw (8-19-1892) on February 5, 1908. Their children: Ida Inez - (3-28-1912) - married Ike Graham, Betty, Nola, Marion, Butch, Leonard Lloyd Privett (6-4-19101. (Information with Hampton family.)

Mildred Maxine, born March 25, 1914 -her husband Louis Davenport - a son Larry Dewayne (11-3-32) - who has a family. Maxine’s second husband Robert Rippee -children: Glenda, Jewell, (Patty) Patricia, Robert Allen.

Ellen Eldena, born January 7, 1916 - her husband Frank Yeisley - children: Jerry and Sandra Sue.

Reta Roberta, born June 12, 1918 -husband Charley Joiner, sons: Charley Jr., and Johnny.


Eva’s Mother’s Family

Abraham Miller, Sr., born in Virginia in 1803. His wife Nancy Elizabeth Miller, born 1805 - daughters Martha and Sarah.

Son - John Miller, married Jamima - three children: William H., Martha E., and Rebecca A.

Son - Abraham Miller, Jr. (born about 1825), died August 11, 1864 - Rockcastle County, Kentucky - married Mary Ann Bishop April 1, 1846 - Scott County, Virginia. Mary Ann died July 10, 1911, Douglas County - Missouri. Four children:

Martha Jane Miller - born May 3, 1847, in Virginia. Married a man named Johnson.

Elizabeth Miller - born September 4, 1852, died June 27, 1903. Married a man named Carroll.

Elias Miller - born May 7, 1854, died 1932.

Emily Miller, born October 26, 1859, Rock-castle County, Kentucky, died July 28, 1922. Emily is Eva (Davenport) Hicks’ grandmother.


Eva’s Mother’s Family

J. J. Reynolds (2-14-1864 - 1937) - married Emily Miller, (10-26-1859 - 7-28-1922). They had seven children:

Jim Reynolds - married Dora - children: Teddy, Audie (killed in accident when young), Lula, William, Maude.

Flem M. Reynolds (3-27-1880 - 3-31-1951) -married Minnie Lee - daughter Betty.

Harley Reynolds (5-9-1894 - 6-22-1957) -married Ruth Singleton. Then married Allie Briggs - son Archie. Third wife Cora F. Graham, born 3-25-1902 - children: Harley, Jr., Johnny, Jack, Pete. (Harley may have been a twin.)

Everett Reynolds - married Sibyl (Yeisley or Osborn) - married Jessie Holt - married Reggie Wallace, daughter Milladean (?) -married ________ Forrest, a son died when a year or two old.

Ethel Reynolds - married Emmett Jennings - children: Raymond, Jasper, Clifford, Orville.


Dora Reynolds - married Jim Jennings (brother of Emmett) - children: Ada, Eunice, Royce, Flem.

Amy Elizabeth Reynolds Davenport - (7-9-1896 - 2-15-1929) - married Louis Davenport (1893-1949) - children: Luna Madeline (8-12- 1915), Eva Aretta (6-18-1919), Howard Reynolds (3-23-1923).

Luna’s children listed under Hampton-Davenport families.

Eva’s children listed under Hicks-Davenport families.

When Robert and Eva Hicks’ daughter, Treena, and son, Terry, were visiting Nancy Estes in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, at a time when Terry Robert Hicks was about two and a half years old, Howard Davenport, Eva’s brother, took Terry up to a small grocery store to pick up a few items.

While at the store, a rather hefty clerk kept teasing Terry about buying candy and getting fat, things like this. At the time Terry was small and slender. Howard said that she just kept on and Terry kept backing up and looking at her just as if "oh-oh, here it comes." Finally Terry just squared his shoulders and said "Well, you’re so fat you can’t see your eyes.

The lady clerk had very little more to say and Howard took Terry and hurried out of the grocery store.


Marian Joy Hicks was born near Hammond, Indiana, June 18, 1924. She first married Fred Burk of Ava, Missouri, on January 5, 1944. They divorced after about a year. She went into nurses’ training in Springfield, Missouri, with work at Springfield Baptist School of Nursing, and classes at Drury. She married Amos Leslie Ledbetter on September 27, 1946. He is the son of Rayford and Opal Tannehill Ledbetter of Lutie, Missouri. Amos served overseas in the Korean War.

A daughter, Kathyrn Ruth, was born to them on December 9, 1952, in California, about the time Joy finished her nurses’ training (a degree in the Science of Nursing). She started working as company nurse at Kraft Foods in Springfield, Missouri. She is still there at present date - 1972 - about 18 years. Kathy has started to college at SMS - Springfield - I think she is a sophomore at present - but is working as secretary on a job otherwise.


Grandfather - James Henry Ledbetter - born February 17, 1873, died January 25, 1948. Grandmother - Galdona Jones, born March 4, 1877, died January 17, 1964. James Ledbetter and his wife, Caldona, had five sons - Raymond - *Rayford - Emery - Allan - and Hobart.

*Otis Rayford Ledbetter and Opal Ray Tannehill were married November 10, 1921. Amos’s father Rayford - born October 30, 1902 - mother Opal - born May 13, 1903. Had two children.

Doris Molina - born October 19, 1923. Her husband - Paul Thornton - two daughters.

*Amos Leslie - born February 14, 1926. Amos’s wife - Marian Joy Hicks - born June 18,

1924. They were married September 27, 1946. A daughter, Kathryn Ruth, was born to them December 9, 1952.


Father - Sherman Patrick Tannehill - born July 18, 1876 - died April 19, 1938. Mother - Martha Myrtle Ford - born October 21, 1878, died February 28, 1958. They had four children - two pairs of twins: Opal and Ethel - then Tandy (boy) and Pansy (girl).

There will be no more of "Family History of Hicks-Byerley Ancestors and Descendants" by Viola B. Hicks. We have shown you the names of family groups represented and the material Mrs. Hicks presents . . . Also the address of Mrs. Hicks if you desire to read more you may purchase the book from Mrs. Hicks.


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