Volume 5, Number 9 - Fall 1975

NO. 1, DECEMBER, 1975

This first issue of the Webster County Historical Society contains these articles:

"A History of Early Webster County" by Martha McGrath. The contents and comments say: "Taken from various sources; your historian believes this will suggest the basis for future articles."

"Towns, Villages, Settlement, and Country Stores" compiled by Paul Moser.

"Prune Every Branch". A brief summary of Genealogical methods by C. E. Boulson.

"The Good Old Days of the Steam Threshing Machine", by Mrs. Glen King.

"Shackelford Spring" by Martha McGrath. A photo of Thanksgiving before the Hosmer buildin on the west side of the Square at Marshfield, in 1882; an oil painting by Loretta Morris, of an original settler’s cabin in Webster County. A cabin and drawings by W. W. Farr add interest to the publication.


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