Volume 6, Number 8 - Summer 1978

Melton Family in Re-Union Sunday

On Sunday, June 1, a reunion of the Melton family was held at the farm of John E. "Bake" Melton, two and a half miles southwest of Galena on James river. This farm was settled by John and Mary Katherine Dennis in 1843 and many of their descendants were present, the greater number of them having never visited the place before.

The brothers of Mrs. Dennis were E. J. Melton, Major James Melton, John Edward Melton and Joel D. Melton, all of them well known among the early settlers of Stone County. All are descendants of Austin and Aidsie Melton, who settled what is known as the Seaman farm in 1841. Many of their descendants were also present.

The day was spent relating experiences of the early settlers as they had been handed down through the family, in the taking of pictures, and enjoying the sumptuous basket dinner. As there is no bridge at this point of James River, the cars were left on the Galena side and the party was "boated" over by "Bake," much to the enjoyment of all.

Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wilson, and daughter, Grace, Mrs. E. S. Parlet and children, Jessie and Orville, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hill and children, Faye and and Katherine, C. E. Hill and children, Faye and Ward and Frank C. Hill of Lebanon. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Melton and Jim Melton of Cape Fair, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Hancock and children from Aurora. Mr. and Mrs. Gale Cope and children from Shell Knob, Judge C. L. Henson of Springfield, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Davis, Mrs. Nellie Shipman and children and Mrs. Blanche Hulse of Reeds Spring, Mrs. Frances Henson, Mr. and Mrs. Rufe Scott, Gerald Scott, Mrs. Ailsey Davis, Charlie Davis and daughters, Omaha and Joyce, Mr. and Mrs. John O. E. Melton, Mildred and Jack Melton, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Tomly, Byron and Betty and Brite of Galena.


IN MEMORIAM Charles E. Rogers, May 28,1978


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