Volume 7, Number 9 - Fall 1981

Office of D.W. Milum, Liquor Dealer
Manufacturer Of Pure Sour Mash Hand Made Corn Whisky
Pyatt, Ark.

As many of you know I am in the Distillery Business and My Product is for sale to those who wish to buy and are of age. My motto is to make only the best grade of Pure Whisky--one that can have no injurious effect on those who use it with moderation, and then to give my patrons the benefit of the lowest prices that can be made consistent with Honest Goods and a Reasonable Profit; at the same time confining my operations strictly within the law. You will doubtless want to lay in a supply of Pure Whisky in your home for health’s sake.

If the Best Grade of pure whisky is what you want, and no other should ever be used, I can certainly supply you. The question of price is one that always cuts a big figure when you are going to buy, and it is an important one, too, for us to understand each other on.

Some foreign dealers may sell you whisky cheaper than I can or any one else could afford to sell a decent article for. I know that many ask more for what they claim to be a first-class whisky than I do. I will put Pure Hand Made Sour Mash Corn Whisky, on train at Pyatt, for $2.65 per gallon, for anyone ordering outside the state of Arkansas.

Give me your trial order. A trial order means a permanent customer with me. I assure satisfaction and a square deal to all.

Your Friend


[Photo of ad]

Copy of an ad circulated by D. W. Milum, grandfather of Dr. Howell Keeter, Executive Vice-President of The School of the Ozarks. Don’t dash to your nearest post office to send an order as the date was before the 18th amendment was enacted (ratified 1919 and became effective 1920). This was a U.S. Government approved distillery and much of Mr. Milum’s product was purchased by the Government. This was a large complex of several buildings and a hydraulic ram provided the spring water to operate it. The Government closed it down when the Prohibition Amendment became law.


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